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12 Days Of Elf On The Shelf 2020 #AD

12 Days Of Elf On The Shelf 2020 #AD

Last year I created a Quick and Easy Last Minute Elf On The Shelf Ideas post to help us, parents, aren’t quite as organised as some. Seriously, I have to admit that I am that unorganised Mum.

Let’s be honest, we all have a love-hate relationship with the elf on the shelf.  The thought of it is amazing, some might go to the extent to say it’s magical. All the expense of seeing your children’s faces light up is worth it.  But come on, really it is!

There has been many a night I’ve woken during the night in a blind panic because I’d forgotten to move the elf. Sleepily searching the internet to find creative ideas because i’d literally run out of ideas. Google has saved my life too many times! It’s unreal.

Design Bundles

This year we have teamed up with Design Bundles.

Design Bundles are a digital design company that provides products that range from printables, designs, various SVG images, files for crafters, and business resources. All at a heavily discounted price. Perfect for anyone who is creative. From families who want to craft more, Etsy sellers, Cricut lover to card makers. Design Bundles are a fantastic resource and excellent value for money. With their products having a low price tag makes them accessible to everyone.

So as I said, with some help from Design bundles and some lovely small businesses. We were sent a box full of fun from Design Bundles along with Elvis The Elf.

I am going to share with you some really quick and easy elf on the shelf ideas to help see you through the last 12 days of the countdown to Christmas.

Day 1 – Let’s Bake

This was a great way to begin after Elvis came out of covid 19 self-isolation. Elvis kindly decided to bring along with him a gift for us. The gift was a lovely baking box from Craft Crumb . Alternatively you could put together your own baking set with what you already have in the cupboards.  To keep with the theme of ‘baking’ we used an elf footprint stencils from Super Sweet Party on Etsy. Using a sprinkling of flour, this looked like Elivis had been on an adventure through the kitchen cupboards. It was a lovely sight for my boys to be greeted by in the morning.

Day 2 – Dress Up

Elvis appeared with his very own face mask! I mean, no elf in 2020 is complete without sporting the standard covid-19 face mask, right?! Elvis also brought another gift of some ‘scraps’ of fabric, PVA glue and some string, challenging my boys to put on their creative caps and design Elvis a new outfit.

Day 3 – Colouring

Elvis again brought along a gift of 2 christmas colouring sheets and a pack of felt tip pens. You could do this too, but no need to go out and buy new pens. Use what you have got. Colouring is a fantastic activity for all of the family. No matter what age, everyone can join in colouring. It’s a great activity to bring everyone together and keep little minds and hands busy. Not to mention, releasing that inner artist.

Day 4 – Christmas Cards

Elvis brought my boys a little Christmas card from the North Pole. Elvis provided my boys with card, envelopes and decorations as he wanted my boys to help him spread Christmas cheer by challenging my boys to make and send some handmade Christmas cards. Such a great way to encourage kindness.

Day 5 – Decorating

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the opportunity to make a Christmas decoration to add to the tree or walls. Elvis, has been so generous, he brought yet another gift of a bauble making kit for my boys to make. My boys sure enjoyed getting their craft on.

Day 6 – A Scavenger Hunt

Today, Elvis had another amazing ideas up his sleeve. The gift of adventure. Adventure in the form of a scavenger hunt. Providing my boys with a printed list of things they had to do or find. And of course it was accompanied with a showering of sparkly confetti.

Day 7 – Letter To Santa

Every kid loves to write letters to Santa Clause in a bid to gain a place on his nice list. So today Elvis brought my boys a printable template of a letter to Santa and a Christmas themed pen. Inviting them to write their wish lists. Another alternative is to write a letter to a friend or family member wishing them a Merry Christmas.

Day 8 – Window Display

Throughout covid-19 we decorated our windows with rainbows to show unison and support for each other at such a tricky time for us all. Another great elf on the shelf activity is to decorate your windows with Window stickers or why not try paints or Little Brian Paint Sticks?! Just imagine putting a smile on someone’s face as they walk past your children’s Christmas window display.

Day 9 – Gifting

Elvis followed on the theme of kindness and brought my boys some wrapping paper and chocolates to wrap up and give someone else as a treat. Plus kids love to help with the wrapping!

Day 10 – An Act Of Kindness

I think that by now you have seen that our elf, Elvis has been following a reoccurring theme of Kindness. Elvis has left my boys a list of acts of kindness in an attempt to spread Christmas joy and cheer. As we all know receiving isn’t the best part of Christmas, it’s the giving and the little things we appreciate such as acts of kindness. You could include acts such as donate food to your local food bank, call a family member or a friend and check in on them or help with the chores.

Day 11 – The Christmas Table

In preparation for the big day, your elf could be setting up the dinner table ready for a North Pole breakfast, Christmas eve buffet or Christmas day lunch. Elvis brought us a Christmas milk bottle with some card and a metallic marker to make name place cards for our dinner table.

Day 12 – That’s A Wrap

The last day of our elf on the shelf idea with Design Bundles, I set up Elvis so my boys would find Elvis watching TV, with a mini container of popcorn while in the process of finishing his Christmas present wrapping.  Elvis has left my boys a Christmas tag, some wrapping paper and a roll of wash tape to use to wrap up their presents they may have brought for a family member or friend!

Can You Think Of Any More Elf On The Shelf Ideas? Leave A Comment Below. I’d Love To Read Them.

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