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17 Adulting Problems No One Ever Prepared You For

Adulting Problems

While scrolling through my social media I came across this quote about Adulting Problems….

Adulting Problems

It got me thinking, What Is The One Adulting Problem No One Ever Prepared Me For?

For me, it was that I have my own mind and learning how to stand up for myself. Know that I could say No, that I had a voice and I could use it. For many others, it’s often about money, and learning how to get debt free, understanding mortgages or grappling with their careers. Also how to look for a potential future partner. Is speed dating in London the answer, blind dating or online dating? So many choices.

Everyone is different though, so

I asked some of my fellow bloggers

What Is The One Adulting Problems No One Ever Prepared You For?

  • Louise at Pink Pear Bear says ‘Being the one in charge of providing all the food! There have been so many times I’ve sat and wondered what’s for dinner before the realisation that there’s nothing until I make it kicks in!’
  • Pete at Household Money Saving says ‘Gaining weight at an unbelievable rate. Until I hit 20, I could eat whatever I liked without any issue. Now, even if I just see a cake, I seem to put on weight. I wish I started eating healthier when I was younger!’
Adulting Problems
Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash
  • Bek at Dilly Drops says ‘The amount of things you need to juggle: making food, providing snacks for children, getting everyone where they need to be on time, finding a job to fit around the commitments of everyone in the family, doing all of the housework, trying to keep up with friends and family, the guilt when you have to take a day off work to care for your sick child, huge expensive bills that come out of the blue (fix the car, broken washing machine, etc.), to name a few. This list is endless. I have no idea how my mind keeps up with it all!’
  • Gemma at Mummy Waisted says ‘Dealing with headlice (on your own children), just the thought of them makes me shudder. I can deal with most things, but they just give me the heebies jeebies’
  • Sinead at said ‘Running a house. No one prepares you for how much you take on when you leave home. Never have I once used trigonometry, but I do wish we’d had a lesson in budgeting and saving money, I would have figured things out s lot quicker (and not been in such a money hole for most of my 20s)’
Adulting Problems
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  • Beth at Twinderelmo said ‘Having to be the one your kids turn to for EVERYTHING. I don’t think I was ever prepared for making big decisions and also the constant worry/doubt/guilt that come with these decisions. Also seeing your child upset, and not being able to help is something I don’t think you can ever be prepared for’
  • Cherry at The Newby Tribe says ‘How to choose a flipping light bulb! Literally floored me when I had to do this the other day. Who knew how many different types there were? I’d thought I could just figure out bayonet or screw in but NO! you need a blooming degree in lightbulbs to buy one!’
Adulting Problems
Photo by Diz Play on Unsplash
  • Collette at Truly Madly Cuckoo said ‘Constantly Cleaning up after other people, in particular my teenage sons. I’ve yet to perfect the art of delegation in this task’
  • Donna at Bobsys Mum said ‘Anything financial. Debts, credit cards, taxes, mortgages! A taxes class would have been much more useful than trigonometry!’
  • Debbie at My Chaotically Eclectic Life said ‘Trying to be brave when there is a bug in the house so I don’t scare the children. It’s taken me years to fight the fear of catching a spider in a glass so my OH can let it out when he gets home.’
  • Becky at Little, Big And Me said ‘That you don’t know all the answers! As a kid I always thought my mum knew everything. I now realise she didn’t and was just great at guessing! I thought when I grew up I’d know how to be a grown up – it’s a total lie – you just have to bluff your way through!’
  • Katie at Living Life Our Way said ‘Organising a funeral! Nothing ever prepares you for the really tough adulting stuff.’
Adulting Problems
Photo by Rhodi Alers de Lopez on Unsplash
  • Steve at Big Stevie Cool said ‘Learning how to budget and complete a tax return – why do they not teach you this at school??’ 
  • Melanie at Cossins Music School said ‘Having kids!’
  • Becky at A Beautiful Space said ‘Losing your older relatives and being without a ‘grown up’ to look after you. I find this really touch’
  • Joanna at Winging Mama said ‘Having to deal with the fact that a pair of socks only stays a “pair” for about 3 weeks max before one of them buggers off and leaves the country. You’re then left with an endless pile odd socks you don’t know what the hell to do with’

and finally…

  • Amy at said All About A Mummy ‘Washing. Dear lord no-one warned me about the never ending washing. It’s like some kind of enchanted washing basket, the more you take out, the more it fills up. And let’s not even discuss waking up at 3am and remembering you haven’t put the bins out’
Adulting Problems
Photo by Frederik Trovatten on Unsplash

Let me ask you…

What Is The One Adulting Problem No One Ever Prepared Me For?!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or email me HERE


17 Adulting Problems No One Ever Prepared You For
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