New Year, Lockdown And Home Schooling :: 1st-10th January 2021

New Year, Lockdown And Home Schooling :: 1st-10th January 2021

Firstly, let me wish you all very Happy New Year!

I thought I’d bring something new to my blog, something a little more personal, open and honest. Where I could put down my thoughts, feelings and memoirs of life in general. Giving you highlights of our life on a weekly basis.

So here I bring you an Honest Motherhood in the form of a Diary Of A Mum Of 5. Hopefully, it will be relatable and make other parents realise that they’re not alone in this mindboggling madness that is parenting.

Didn’t Go As Planned

Do you know when you have a little picture in your head of how you would like things to be? Well, I had a picture-perfect New Year all planned out in my head. As a family we would have a buffet of party food, we would have a family games night, we would allow the younger boys to stay up (if they wanted to) to hear the bells and bring in the new year. I’d bought confetti cannons, champagne, the lot. Because quite frankly I couldn’t wait to see the end of 2020.

Who was I kidding?

With having 3 children with additional needs and all on their own agenda, of course I wasn’t going to get my picture-perfect New Years Celebrations.

With Mckenzie and Harvey too engrossed in their online games, Cameron being tired after work, Cohen not really fussed about the new year and Caelan being over whelmed and going into meltdown minutes before the bells. We made it the best we could!

Note to self: Either plan every minute detail and try to meet everyones needs or accept that I need to adapt these little pictures in my head.

Never the less, the food got eaten, champagne was drunk and Cohen loved doing ‘snow angels’ in the confetti that had covered the living room floor.

Counting my blessings that my husband and my boys are all happy and healthy.

Getting A Covid Test

The start of 2021 didn’t go exactly to plan. I’d been feeling a little run down for the last week or so. Chills with a very slight temperature of 37.8, achey, tired and just not quite right. Obviously, paranoia set in and my husband encouraged me to get a Covid-19 test.

Two tests later and a NEGATIVE result! Thank goodness!

I have to tell you though, the test is bloody horrid! Using the same swab to tickle your tonsils and then put up your nose was delightful…not! After a fit of sneezes and borking, I got through it, with Matthew laughing all the way at the absolute state of me! I can only imagine what a mess I looked. Not the nicest thing to have done when you’re not feeling great.

But like I said, it came back negative, so all is good!

UK Lockdown

I think we all saw this one coming, but the UK has been put into a national lockdown in a bid to combat Covid-19. If I’m honest, I’m not surprised its need done. I was kind of expecting it. With cases of covid rising, new varients and people travelling for Christmas, it was inevitable it was going to happen.

Lockdown isn’t going to effect us too much. Being childminders and working in the early years sector we have been asked to stay open. Which i’m happy to do. It’s just a concern with the lack of PPE and consideration to our families health.

Home Schooling

Schools have been asked to provide children with remote learning so parents can do home schooling. Now, this is the fun part. As Mckenzie and Caelan have very literal thinking, he struggles to comprehend doing any school work at home. So I know that getting them to engage is going to be challenging. With Harvey having ADHD, it’s going to be a challenge keeping him on task and motivating him.

As a parent, I am going to do what I can. My children’s health and mental well being are more important than the stress of trying to comply with a system that isn’t able to adapt to my children’s and families needs. We’ve tried so hard to fit into the system and it just doesn’t happen.

I’m confident in my belief that education and learning is a life long process. School years aren’t the only years our children can gain an education.

We will definitely give home schooling a go, but my main aim is to keep a happy and calm household.

How Did The Start Of 2021 Go For You? I’d Love To Know. Leave A Comment Below

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