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4 Reasons Why Being Part of an Assisted Housing Community Benefits the Elderly

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There is no doubt that senior citizens benefit greatly from being part of a community of like-minded people as they can share memories with those that remember them equally well or are trying to. Memories that with support can end up at the forefront of their minds. All it needs is a catalyst. Assisted housing can be considered. So, it is worth checking out what is available, such as the opportunities that Assisted Living Waconia MN have to offer. 


Inside a care home you are still part of a community yet not as independent as if living in assisted housing where you are also an independent resident. The best of both worlds can be enjoyed in that there is social and medical support, yet, if you wish, you can be left to your own devices. 

There is no need to feel self-conscious about walking aids when practically everyone will be using one to help get about. It is how to stay independent. Houses in assisted communities can be fitted with aids such as those that help someone to free themselves from a chair, prevent them from falling out of bed and landing uncomfortably on the floor, and for help with getting in and out of the bath. In addition, human support is, of course, available. 

Company Rather than Loneliness

Assisted housing is a social network where senior citizens can interact and engage with one another. This is good for mental health and memory. It stimulates thinking, and communication can lead to the recall of memories previously forgotten.

Where one partner or another has been lost, someone can feel totally isolated. Particularly if family members live a long way away and are not able to visit all that often for reasons of time and practicality. Assisted communities replace the loneliness.

Community members will no doubt talk about the gadgets that make life easier for them. Any resident will be happy to share that information and obtain the same themselves. A community is all about helping and making life easier, and therefore more enjoyable, for one another.

Group Activities

There are many activities that are more enjoyable in a group, too. This includes dancing, where it really does “take two to tango”, and games such as bridge, which is a popular card game amongst the elderly. Anything involving words or numbers will keep the mind active and prove to a person that they do still retain some of their previous skills, that they might have thought had been lost to old age.

Health Services Close By

It is essential to have health services nearby for senior citizens as invariably more ailments are likely to occur in older age. Bodies do wear out, and minds do need stimulation, and it is a comfort to know that health professionals are there if needed. It takes another possible worry away. 

Anyone suffering from a condition known as diabetes will need regular health checks. Podiatry is an important service for the senior citizens, who tend to rely more heavily on it than younger people.

So, there are plenty of reasons to consider assisted housing later in life. It is a way of retaining independence, prevents the feeling of isolation and being alone, allows for group activities to be more easily arranged, and means that health services will be closer, if not on site. Why not continue to enjoy life in ageing years? It does not need to be the point at which life as we know it ends. Okay, it is never going to be quite the same, but life can certainly be made a lot more enjoyable and just be a new chapter. Assisted housing can result in a new group of friends all looking for the same thing – companionship, while at the same time, providing a feeling of independence. 

For some more information on assisted living, see the attached article.

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  1. May 18, 2021 / 9:10 am

    That’s inspiring. My grandpa is the main lead at a society named as Ederly in our hometown. He really enjoys that

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