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5 Fantastic Ways To Make Money As A Mumpreneur

From the moment you become a parent, your career suddenly feels a little less important. Still, success in business is something that will set a great example to the kids. It’ll also give you the resources needed to provide them with the best start in life.   

Still, any business you pursue after your maternity leave needs to fit around your lifestyle. Here are five fantastic options that can do just the trick.

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I myself work as a childminder, and would certainly recommend into other mums. Aside from working well with your schedule, it’s the perfect way to utilise the new skills you’ve developed as a parent. Of course, there are qualifications and other forms of experience that you will want to acquire depending on the role. Still, you already boast the foundations for a successful career in this industry. Furthermore, as your children reach school age you may want to look at becoming a teacher.


Blogging is (obviously) another concept that I boast firsthand experience in. The great thing about blogging is that you can launch the project while still on maternity and then work on it as and when you can. In terms of flexibility, it is one of the best. These tips should help you turn it into a financially rewarding concept. Meanwhile, you can use your platform as a way to establish a connection and dialogue with the readers. Even though it’s through the internet, this digital communication is a wonderful break from Peppa Pig.


Having a baby can play havoc with your body, not least in terms of weight and fitness. A career in the field of fitness can be the perfect way to help yourself as well as others. Gain your ETM Qualification here, and it will open the door to a fun and engaging career that can boost your energy levels in the process. Again, this is a flexible career or business idea that allows you to enjoy being a mum as well as a businesswoman. The significance of this element cannot be emphasised enough.

Fashion Design

Every mum loves seeing their little angels dressed up in the best clothes. If you have a  talent for creating little ensembles for your children, why not do the same for other parents? Setting up a simple online store is easy while eBay and Facebook are also great options. In truth, though, the other parents at the nursery or school should provide a solid fanbase. If things begin to go very well, you may even want to think about opening a pop-up store on a short-term loan or getting a stool at a local event.

Uber Driver

Driving people from one destination to another is one of the easiest tasks of all. While most people think of this as being a job dominated by male drivers, you are just as capable as any man. Register as an Uber driver here, and you could be earning money in no time. Whether you get an hour or full day, finding enough hours throughout the week shouldn’t be too hard. You will maintain complete control of your situation, which can only work wonders as you look to juggle your career with being a mum. Traditional taxi services are just as effective, but you will want to weigh up the pros and cons relating to the expenses.

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