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5 Hidden Signs You Might Be Stressed

We often think of stress as something overt. That is, we know precisely when we have it because our hearts are racing or palms sweating. 

But stress is actually far more insidious than that. It can express itself in all kinds of strange and weird ways. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the less well-known and hidden signs that you might be stressed out of your brain. 

Twitching Eyes

Have you ever noticed that your eyelids seem to be twitching for no apparent reason? Well, it could all be down to stress. 

While the mind might feel relaxed, the body retains a memory of the stresses of the past day. And that can work its way into the spaces around your eyes. You may notice, for example, that your lower eyelid is twitching around without you even controlling it. 

If this happens, don’t worry. It’s not usually a cause for concern. The twitching might last a week or so, and then disappear. 

Catching A Cold

You wouldn’t think that catching a cold would have anything whatsoever to do with stress, but it does. 

When you are stressed out, your body shuts down the immune system as a way to preserve energy. Doing this short-term is fine. But if it goes on for a day or more, it puts you at risk of catching a cold. 

To restart your immune system, your body needs to feel a deep sense of relaxation. Try switching off your phone and just giving yourself some downtime after you get a cold. You usually need it. 

Ringing In Your Ears

Did you know that one of the leading causes of tinnitus is stress? It turns out that it’s true. Stress manifests as extra activity in the auditory cortex. And this can lead to ringing, buzzing and even rattling sounds in the ears. 

Changes In Eating Patterns

Have you suddenly lost your appetite or are you finding yourself eating more than usual? Again, stress could be to blame. 

For some people, stress creates a hormonal response which completely annihilates their desire to eat. The mere thought of putting food into their mouths makes them feel sick. 

For others, it’s the opposite. Food is a comfort that makes the stress go away – especially junk food. 

Changes in eating patterns are okay short-term. But over the long-run, they could lead to health issues. For instance, you might lose too much weight and feel exhausted all the time. Or you could wind up gaining weight, leading to diabetes and other health problems. 

Changes In Sleep Patterns

Most people associate stress with insomnia – not being able to fall asleep. But it can also manifest itself as waking up too early as well. 

When the body becomes stressed, it naturally wants to remain alert for a larger portion of the day. So it’ll jolt you awake early in the morning, usually with a racing heart. 

If you have this symptom, give your body and mind a break. Allow yourself the freedom to put life on pause from time to time. 

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