5 Reasons Why You CAN Cry In Front Of Your Children

Emotions are tricky things, and it can be really difficult both to hold it all together in front of your children, or to justify having a full on emotional breakdown in front of them!

I have to say, I have had a fair few crying episodes in front of my children. Usually, though, it’s because i’ve burnt myself out and not had enough self care. 

5 Reasons Why You CAN Cry In Front Of Your Children

So here are 5 reasons why it’s ok to cry in front of your children…

It teaches them empathy

Whenever I have a bad day mental health wise and the tears just come on their own, which has been happening to me in the past when I was juggling the stress of motherhood, pregnancy and working 2 jobs just to make ends meet.  If ever I am upset my boys will ALWAYS come over to me to see if I’m ok. Giving me cuddles, and my older boys bringing me a cuppa tea WITH biscuits just to make it all ok.

9 times out of 10, it does make it better! Did you know that hugs release endorphins (the happy hormones), and there’s really nothing better than a loving cuddle from your little one to help get you feeling back on track. 

Bottling it up makes it worse

If you’re suffering with depression, bottling it up and saving it can actually just make the cycle worse. You don’t want to reach a point where you just snap, so letting out the tears naturally as they come makes a huge difference to your mental health overall! We all have days where we just need a good cry, and releasing those emotions then and there makes you feel like a weight has been lifted!

5 Reasons Why You CAN Cry In Front Of Your Children

There’s no research that actually says you shouldn’t

There is of course a lot of research that says fighting in front of your children has negative effects on their development, but there’s NOTHING to say that crying is the same.

Consider this: crying is natural – everyone does it, especially children. It’s not something they’re not used to seeing, whereas fighting/arguing is! They are not the same, and so you shouldn’t feel bad for crying in front of your children!

Crying isn’t always bad

The fact that crying is so natural means that everyone does it for different reasons. You cry when your emotions overwhelm you, and those emotions aren’t necessarily sadness but can be joy, anger, frustration, or excitement.

It’s a natural response to something, so you shouldn’t hide it away.

And, most importantly, it teaches them that it’s ok to cry too!

This is the most important! As our children grow older, they too will face feeling like they have to hide their emotions. The best way to teach them that this isn’t true is to do it yourself – after all, children learn through experiences, through seeing and doing.

Do you cry in front of your children? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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