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5 Styles You Could Ask Your Home Hair Stylist For

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A hair style is very personal and something that defines us. It can be a style that we are comfortable with or one that we have seen a celebrity so gracefully carry off. Trending currently is at-home haircuts, which allow women, men, and children, to have haircuts in their own households. It is a convenient way of ensuring that our hair always looks its best for those that we want to impress and to maintain happiness and inner peace within ourselves.

In this article, we shall think about the most popular hairstyles out there that we can ask our mobile hairstylist to create for us. We can then not only choose where we have our hair styled, but then, how we want it styled. Just because we are at home and not in the salon does not mean that we need to compromise on the perfect look. The convenience of home styling does not have to sacrifice its results. It is a service that we are asking for, wherever it may be performed.

The Bob

The Bob might sound masculine but, as a hairstyle, it is surprisingly feminine. A bob can be described as a short-medium length haircut where the hair is generally cut straight around a person’s head to jaw-level, with a fringe up front. A standard bob will usually be cut between or slightly below the tips of the ears and with a good clearance above the shoulders.

Side Swept Bangs

A side swept bangs hairstyle is considered an extremely attractive and sexy hairstyle for women to have. When correctly styled, it has the potential to create this effect. It enhances desirability when trying to attract a man. It will give the cheekbones a delicate look, and rather than cover a face, the hair style will instead frame it. The hair will tend to fall over just one eye, increasing its desirability to the opposite number. Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has been seen sporting this style, which has added to its popularity. It has been described as having the Jessica Rabbit look. Jessica Rabbit, of course, being the voluptuous animated human femme fatale character in the 1988 feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Long Hair

Long hair is still considered fashionable. It is important to get the right colour and cut to make it look good. The advantages of long hair include being able to flip it, and to be able to make it into a ponytail if desired. Leaving your hair long gives you much more flexibility as to what you can do with it after the hairstylist has left.


Braids are popular and being embraced by women and men as a fashion statement. By definition, a braid is a complex pattern or structure that is formed by a hairstylist interlacing two or more hair strands or flexible materials such as textile yarns or wires. It depends, traditionally, on the part of the world what materials are used. It is a way of introducing colour to hair without having your hair coloured. It can allow for different looks along the same lines.


For a man, and women as well, the undercut style is becoming popular. This is where the hair is short on both sides and long on the top. This style is universal in that it will work with different kinds of hair, including straight, curly, or wavy. The hair on the top can then be sculptured as desired, either spiking it up or slicking it back. Anything that you or your mobile hairstylist can think to do with it. Afterwards, it is a very manageable style, with only the top of the hair to think about and keep looking nice.

So, to summarise, we have discovered five fun hair styles to get everyone talking. Styles that a mobile stylist can give to you if you desire them.

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