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5 Tips for Avoiding Fake Diamonds Online

5 Tips for Avoiding Fake Diamonds Online

Online shopping is more common than ever, and for the most part it is safe to do so, thanks to strong security protocols and powerful payment protections that online retailers install on their sites. However, conmen and criminals are everywhere, even on the internet, posing as respectable businessmen just looking to offer great bargains, and the world of diamond trading is a tempting target to such nefariously minded people. Here is how to avoid them and look for diamonds for sale online with peace of mind and confidence.

Buy a Diamond Tester

You can buy a diamond tester that is easy to operate and produces good, reliable results in seconds. There are many types of fake diamonds out there, but none of them have the instant thermal conductivity of pure carbon – therefore a thermal tester will reassure you that the diamond you have just purchased is indeed real. Or not, as the case may be! However, before you commit to a purchase, keep the following in mind.

If It’s Too Good to be True

As with most things, if something seems to be impossibly good – too cheap, too high-quality, too anything! – it very probably is. A good con is one dressed up as your accidental good fortune, operated by people who seem so trustworthy you would trust them to babysit your children! Be wary, have a good understanding of the difference between a good honest price and too much of bargain.

One sure sign that you are being conned will be if the vendor puts pressure on you when you are tempted by the deal, but vacillating slightly. Another potential purchaser, a family emergency, the sudden need to leave town so the deal must be done now or risk waiting months… All of these, if offered when you are taking your time to consider the deal are designed to make you unwary enough to bite without doing due diligence. Avoid this at all costs!

Go to a Reputable Site

Make sure you only do your online diamond shopping with reputable diamond vendors, who have clear policies on their sales, offer insurance and recorded postage, and a good after-sales service. Check the contact information for the company, consult the company’s registration details, and generally make sure that they are as big and trustworthy a company as they claim to be. The internet has made it easy for the unscrupulous to appear as solid establishments – but it has also made it easy for you to check them out thoroughly too!

Check the Reviews

One way to do this is to read reviews written by genuine customers on third-party, impartial review sites. Read a good cross-section of the reviews, rather than just scrolling to the poor ones and deciding against the company: sometimes people leave negative reviews for spiteful reasons rather than because they genuinely received bad service!

By reading as many reviews as you can, you will get a good idea of the customer service and product quality. And if these seem acceptable, you know you have found a potential retailer of your diamond!


The final reason is actually the most important one. All good quality diamonds sold in the USA should come with certification from GIA or AGS. These two establishments are the ‘gold standard when it comes to ratings for natural diamonds – they will not touch enhanced or laboratory-grown stones, so you can be sure that a certificated diamond will be the quality, size and color stated.

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