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5 Ways a Self Build Campervan Can Save You Money

People have different preferences when acquiring a campervan. Some prefer purchasing a ready-made campervan, while others love to build their campervan according to their needs. In most cases, people think that a self-built campervan is cheaper.

Customizing your campervan is cheaper, but only when you stick to a plan. Otherwise, the whole process might be expensive. Take control of every stage and take it as far as you wish. It allows you to get everything you want to have installed in the holiday van.

Below are some of the best choices from which you can customize a personal campervan:

• Old specialist vehicles such as ambulance, livestock carrier, and minibuses

• Vans

• Larger cars 

Techniques to Save Money Using Your Self-Built Campervan

1. Look For a Cheaper Van

Most people develop campervans from an old vehicle. It is therefore vital to pick one that is cheap but efficient. Since you will be going out for long trips, go for a cheap van to maintain and one that consumes less fuel. There are several options out there that have a lower mileage with bigger interior space. 

2. Create a Good Plan

Having a plan is essential when customizing your vehicle into a campervan. One needs to create a list of all the things required. This action will help you avoid making modifications every time, making the self-built campervan expensive. 

3. Recycle Some of the Items

When building a campervan, it is good to use old items that you no longer use. You can reuse some items such as old kitchen sinks and clean them instead of buying new ones. If you don’t have any old items, you can search on different online platforms to find people selling second-hand items at a lower price. 

Some items such as fridges may require one to purchase a new one to save you money. An old used fridge may be cheap but very inefficient. 

4. Do Most of the Things by Yourself

Hiring a professional to build your campervan can be very expensive, especially when the expert takes on the whole project. It is good to learn some of the basics you can perform by yourself. You can create your cushions and seats fast. You can also make your drawers and shelves without necessarily consulting an expert. This move will help you save a significant amount of money. 

5. Improve Bodywork Using Plasti Dip

Most likely, you will need to repaint the van to make it look appealing. Painting afresh can be expensive hence making the use of Plasti Dip a better option. The Plasti Dip is an air-dry rubber coating that is peelable, flexible, insulating, and non-slip. It can last for up to 3 years.

Insurance Cover for Your Self Build Campervan

Modifying your campervan allows you to enjoy the maximum benefits from your vehicle. Therefore, it is good to take the right insurance cover for the campervan. Same to your personalized campervan, you can personalize your insurance cover.

Choose an insurer with a good idea of the value of the self-build campervan. One needs a special insurance cover for the customized campervan. will provide you with a list of insurance companies that can offer specialized cover for your campervan at a fair price. 

Fill out the form and select your most preferred insurance company.

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