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7 Things Parents Will Never Have Enough Of – Organix Goodies

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As parents we ALL know that there are a few things you need and never have enough of on our journeys through parent-hood. There are things parents will never have enough of!

After hearing stories from well meaning friends and family who are already in the ‘parenthood club’ about how wonderful being a parent is. You may well have hear ‘horror stories’ about how hard parenting can be. But we know that there is more to consider than just that. In the lead up to becoming a parent (whether you are a new mum, pregnant or just considering the idea) you need to start stocking up on the following. These are things parents will never have enough of!


7 Things Parents Will Never Have Enough Of - Organix Goodies

You need more, more, more

As a parent I can say, you do get pretty good at getting by on the essentials. What they don’t expect is what those necessities will actually be and why. You expect items like nappies for obvious reasons, bottles, milk, dummies, sleep, etc.

But what about the items below? You need to start stockpiling them NOW!

• Baby wipes – You may think this is one shouldn’t need a mention. However once you become a parent, you will use them for everything! And I mean everything! Wiping a baby bum will be the minority use, yes really! You will start to use them for cleaning benches, leather lounge chairs, your car, computer screen, hands/faces, and basically anything else that needs a quick wipe. Don’t forget to keep a spare packet in the car for when you pop to Mcdonald’s because you can’t face cooking dinner. Also for when you’ve had a sneaky visit to the Costa drive through and you spill your coffee over yourself.

• Plasters – There will be more grazed knees, scratches and imaginary blood than you will be able to handle. And sometimes mums’ magic rub is just not good enough to make it better. Get those plasters ready because you are going to need them.

things parents will never have enough of

• Patience – Before kids you thought you were a patient person before? You are about to be put to the ultimate test; survival of the strongest-willed. Strengthen this skill while you still have time because if you don’t, the word ‘Mum!’ will break you!

• ‘Me’ time – You might as well forget what you currently know about ‘me’ time because your world will change. No longer will you be enjoying a nice movie on your own or brunch with the girls. You might as well accept the fact that going to the toilet on yo is as close to alone as you are going to get, and even that will happen far less than you could have ever expected.

• Tea and/or Coffee – Whatever your choice of hot drink* is that turns you from a sleep deprived zombie into a sleep deprived relatively functioning human! You will need more than you ever thought possible. *I say hot very lightly, as you will find out, you will very rarely get a hot cuppa!

things parents will never have enough of

• Help – Parents are strong and fight to survive. They know what has to be done. Parents will do whatever they can to make it through the tough times. Such sick children, fussy newborns, even fussier toddlers, terrible twos, three-nager, etc. What parents don’t seem to know how to do though is ask for help. Parents could do with more help than they would like to admit or even realise.

• Snacks – Load your handbag, nappy bag, and any other spare storage you have in the car with snacks. Once your kids hit toddler age, they will not stop eating and never stop! Oh and this is also great for you if you are breastfeeding, you can never have too many snacks on hand.

things parents will never have enough of

We love Organix Goodies have the No Junk Promise’, a stamp of reassurance for parents that they are made with the best organic ingredients and contain nothing unnecessary, great tasting snacks without the junk, it’s food parents can trust. 

New Range Launched!

They have just launched a range of organic Fruit & Seed Bites, in a choice of three delicious flavours – Cocoa, Banana & Cocoa, and Coconut & Cocoa.  Made from dried fruit, seeds and cocoa, they’re an exciting new nutritious snack for little ones from 12 months – a fun alternative to just dried fruit, and a great way to get little ones to eat seeds! Made from ingredients parents will recognise, including dates, prunes, sunflower seeds, with all the flavour coming from the cocoa powder, and banana and coconut in the flavoured varieties.  All the ingredients are blended together for a great taste, a soft chewy texture and shaped into individual bite sized pieces. 

While each packet is less than 100kcal, they are packed full of nutritious ingredients too (dates, prunes, seeds).  Parents just have to check the ingredient list to know its food they can trust for their toddler.

Savoury Snacks

As well as two new savoury organic snacks – Goodies Cheese and Onion Lentil Hoops, and Goodies Cheesy Pea Snaps.

The new Goodies veggie savoury snacks are made with just a few ingredients, all organic, and clearly listed on the back of pack so parents can see exactly what’s in each food – mums and dads will recognise the ingredients. There’s no hidden nasties, and definitely no added salt or sugar.  The variety of organic ingredients chosen broadens the range of nutrients provided, such as fibre, and from lentils important minerals and B-vitamins. 

Super healthy as well as compact, just the right serving for toddlers. Plus they’re small enough to fit into your changing bags and toddler back packs.

All the above snacks will be available in store such as Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado and Boots from Summer 2018. 

Myself and my family can confirm that they are delicious!

So start stocking up on things parents will never have enough of.

What items would you add to things parents will never have enough of?

Feel free to comment below any other things parents will never have enough of.

7 Things Parent's Will Never Have Enough Of

For more information on Organix products visit their website

*Organix kindly gifted these products to myself in return for a blog post and social media coverage.

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