A Week With Us 11th June 2018-17th June 2018 Trolling, Great News and The Seaside

Welcome to A Week with us….A weekly update and insight to a week in the lives of our family of 7.

I have to admit, this week has been a bit of a funny week. I’m not sure if I have been taking everything to heart or people are just plain nasty!

The weather has been ‘ not too bad’ this week so we have been getting our mindees out into the garden, going for walks etc. We did Fathers Day craft, made sun catchers, baked cakes, did some gardening, visited a garden centre and so much more.

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This week I was on the receiving end of trolling. Funnily enough, it was on a school Facebook group! I know right, we are meant to be the adults here!

I won’t go into great detail about it, but basically I wrote

“Went for a walk this morning past the junior playground during playtime and saw one or two kids on their own. No one was playing with them. They were wandering around on their own. It broke my heart. Why are the teachers not watching? Even for someone to ask these kids if they’re ok. If they want to be alone, then fine, but just to check if they’re ok”

Well, the post exploded…

I was accused of slandering the school, worrying other parents…

Honestly, I only wrote it as a concern as, I am a parent of one of those children, who in the past was on their own. Knowing that my own son wasn’t checked on when he was in that situation. As I found out, my son wasn’t the only child that this has happened to.

I did take it up with the school.

I must admit, this situation did knock me slightly, as i thought, had I done the wrong thing, but I know I did the right thing as I made people aware it was happening.

Please, remind me not to do a good deed and look out for others again, because you get slandered regardless!

You honestly would’ve thought it was a bunch of kids on the school yard writing some of the comments. No wonder theres bullying going on in schools if thats the way that parent act!


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Great News

We, as a family have been asked to be featured in a newspaper! I’m so excited, yet very nervous! I will link once the article is published.


For Fathers Day, I took Matthew and our boys to Saltburn for the day. 

We had such a lovely day.

We went for a ride on the Saltburn Miniature Railway.

Had a walk on the front and stopped for fish and chips. It would be rude to go to the seaside and not have fish and chips, right?!

We walked along the pier, then spent time on the beach. It was great to watch my boys playing and having fun together.

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So from the start of the week being pretty pants, I’m glad to say that it’s gradually got better.

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back for another WEEK WITH US

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