A Week With Us 1st October-7th October 2018

Welcome to A Week With Us….A weekly update and insight to a week in the lives of our family of 7.

These weeks seem to be absolutely flying by. I can’t believe that  we are in October. 

This week didn’t start too well as I ended up at the doctors with yet another ear infection. I’m getting pretty fed up of being run down all the time. Note to self…more self care and rest needed. 

ear spray

This week I had a meeting with Harvey’s SENCO as he is having some issues at school. He seems to be having trouble with impulsive behaviours and him not doing his homework. You see, I am that mum who will follow up on unsuitable behaviour. If my boys are in the wrong I will help them find a solution to put it right.

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I also wanted to follow up on the Educational Psychologists report I received during the Summer holidays. Plus, I wanted to make sure that Harvey’s One Plan was up to date and myself and his school were working together to get the best out of him. 

Thankfully the SENCO team at Harvey’s school is really on the ball and have a wide range of knowledge and experience. SENCO was more than helpful and listened to my concerns. Together we have tweaked a few things and have come up with a plan. With things such as

  • use of laptops for large pieces of written work
  • to use fiddle toy during lessons
  • to attend homework club once a week
  • to attend a PE based activity at lunch times to help with his  sensory issues. 

I can honestly say, that I came away satisfied with our plan. Now to make sure we all stick to it, including Harvey. 

This week we were featured in an article in The Sun Newspaper

This week Caelan was invested in to his Beaver group this week. Caelan is my shy, timid boy. I have to say that it is so nice to see him having fun away from us with such a lovely group of children. Giving him some independence and opportunity to learn life skills. 

This weekend has been pretty pants to say the least. 

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Post meltdown cuddle with my boy McKenzie. McKenzie has been heightened for the last couple of days. We could tell that a meltdown was brewing. His head got ‘buzzy’, his ability to talk became less and less to grunts, he lost ability to concentrate and follow instructions. And then it happened…he crashed. Kicking, screaming, shouting. His strength is out of this world. His senses heighten and he gets sensitive to touch. The slightest touch hurts him. He lost control of himself. He doesn’t remember any of it. Cohen was crying because he was scared and wanted to help McKenzie. Caelan took the roll of big brother and was trying to calm Cohen down as he has experienced this many times before. Mckenzies now in tears. Crying his eyes out. He’s exhausted. All he wants is his Mummy. All McKenzie wants cuddles and quiet. He wants to be alone but for me to be close to him for comfort. He repeatedly says sorry but he can’t remember the whole thing. This is a tiny insight to life with a child with a neurological disorder. It can cause a lot of stress and upset for all of us. I am still fighting to get him and my family help and support. The SEN system is a shambles. #senparent #senparenting #neurological #neurologicaldisorder #additionalneeds #strong #passionate #womensupportingwomen #mumssupportingmums #momssupportingmoms #mumlife #momlife #mumsofinstagram #mblogger #mbloggers #parenting #motherhood #pbloggers #pblogger #mommyblogger #mummyblogger #lifestyleblogger #boymum #mumofboys

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All I can say is, Tomorrow is a new day…….


A Week With Us 23rd July-29th July 2018
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