A Week With Us 23rd July-29th July 2018

Welcome to A Week With Us….A weekly update and insight to a week in the lives of our family of 7.

This week was the first week of the school Summer Holidays. We closed our business for a week because we wanted some much needed family time. We may work from home and be with our boys but, it’s nice to have time just with our boys every now and again.

I must say, considering it was a ‘week off’, it wasn’t.

Days Out

On Monday we had a day out at Brimham Rocks, in North Yorkshire. You can read about our day HERE

It was an amazing day out! I knew my boys would love it! Climbing and running around in the open air. Plus Matthew and I loved it too.

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We had more days out planned, but McKenzie had been struggling with the transition from being at school to the school holidays. He asked for ‘quiet days’. Days where we didn’t do much. Just be together at home.

A Week With Us 23rd July-29th July 2018


Cohen had his pre-school booster, and was very brave! Bless him.

Thursday was such a busy day. We had a meeting regarding Theraplay for McKenzie. We will be starting therapy very soon. I hope this helps him with his anxiety and attachment issues. My gut feeling is that there is something else going on with him, but it’s getting professionals to listen and recognise it!…I feel a post coming on…watch this space!

A Week With Us 23rd July-29th July 2018

Thursday afternoon we had a follow up appointment for Caelan, who struggles to put on weight. He has put on 1 pound in 6 months! The consultant wanted to discharge him as he had ‘started to gain’. I refused and made a point of, ‘yes, he has gained a pound for the first time in a long time, but who is to say that he might not lose it?!’ Needless to say he won’t be getting discharged!


Cohen wasn’t very well on Thursday afternoon. He was very lethargic, temperature of 40 and no other symptoms. This obviously got alarm bells ringing! He started shaking as his temperature rose. Calpol just wasn’t touching it. With no other symptoms, I rushed him down to urgent care. His arm where he had had his preschool boosters was swollen, hot and hard! The doctor confirmed that he had an abscess from the injections. Antibiotics were given and we were sent home with instructions that if we still couldn’t get his temperature down, we were to take him back! Thankfully, once the antibiotics kicked in he bounced right back!

A Week With Us 23rd July-29th July 2018


From Friday to Sunday we had visitors come and stay with us. Those visitors were Matthews Daughter,  Mia and Sister. If you read this regularly, you will know that it was taken 9 years for Matthew to be able to see his daughter.

It was amazing to be able to see our boys with their sister. It was only there second time together! It’s as if they had never been apart!

Mia and Harvey are the male and female versions of each other! Honestly, I can see them causing some mischief together!

All 6 kids didn’t want to go out, they just wanted to stay at the house, go in the hot tub and just be together.

On Saturday evening, we all went out for a family meal. Again, having all 9 of us together was lovely.

Bridges are definitely being rebuilt and reinforced! 

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back for another WEEK WITH US 

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