A Week With Us 28th May-3rd June 2018 – Scotland, Half Term and Ice Cream Sundaes

Welcome to A Week with us….A weekly update and insight to a week in the lives of our family of 7. What an emotional weekend we had. You can read about that HERE   for last weeks ‘A week with us’


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Monday was our final day in Scotland. We spent the day with Matthews daughter, sister and niece. Catching up and sitting outside in the sun. I know sun is Scotland is unheard of, right? But it was glorious! It was absolutely amazing to be able to see Matthews daughter and for our boys to finally be able to spend time with their sister. We got our first photo of all of our 6 children.

I can not even explain to you how it felt to actually be given the title ‘step mum’. It is such an honour, after everything that has happen over the years, that my step daughter sees me as her step mum. I really hope to build a strong relationship with this gorgeous young lady.

This is a fresh start, I am hoping that this is the start of a new chapter and everyone can move on and no more heartache is caused.

I have to admit I was an absolute emotional wreck over our time in Scotland because all the past and all those awful feelings and memories were surfaced once again. I honestly didn’t realise how much the situation had affected me.

But one thing is for sure, Matthew and I have proven that we are one hell of a strong team. That regardless of what has been sent our way we have supported each other.

Half Term

Once back home, it was back to work.

This week was half term. I have to admit, I love having a houseful. So much going on. Fun and laughter.

This week we baked biscuits as it was National Biscuit Day. We did arts and crafts including using the Gel-A-Peel kits I got from BlogOn (Read a review HERE)

We also did a spur of the moment trip to the cinema with our school age mindees to see Sherlock Gnomes. I have to admit that I enjoyed it and so did the kiddies. One of the best things about my job is to see a smile on all the kiddies faces.

We also enjoyed what sun we had, because this week has been so close and muggy.

Dentists again

Caelan’s face was still swollen from his dental abscess. He had finished his antibiotics, so because he was complaining about how uncomfortable it was I got him another appointment at the emergency dentist. They told me there was nothing they could do, that Caelan is on the waiting list for tooth extractions and we may have to wait up to 8 months.

Obviously, I argued that this was totally unacceptable. It’s outrageous, the length of NHS waiting lists are for treatments for children. The way I see it is, children are our future, we should be taking care of them (lightbulb moment for a future post)

I was given the option of going private and paying £300 for a tooth extraction using only mild sedation on my 5 year old son. What is this world coming too?! We are in the process of weighing up our options.

The Weekend

This weekend had flown over. I honestly, really don’t know where  it has gone!

On Saturday evening a group of my fellow bloggers from ‘The Inner Circle’ which is a part of Mamapreneur Revolution Facebook group that is run by Aby Moore, all joined an online video conference call and chatted for 5 hours!

Yes, 5 hours! Considering we haven’t all met each other, it was as if we had known each other for years. We had such a giggle.

One of the members, Marylin from Soft Thistle   read my cards, and OMG! It was so precise to my life situation right now. I’ll be honest, I have been feeling rather pants about myself. The way I see myself, my self esteem and confidence. These cards told me that I needed to take care of myself more, to take time out, that I am on as journey and that everything will be ok.

Ice Cream Sundae

Today (Sunday) we decided that as a family we would have, what I call our ‘cheat’ Sunday lunch, which is basically buying an already cooked chicken, potatoes, veg etc and its just a matter of warming and serving it up. No prep or stress involved. Just the way I like it!

With it being the last day of the half term, we paid a visit to Archers Ice Cream Farm where Matthew and I shared a massive 5 scoop ice cream sundae. We sat and watched our boys playing in the park, enjoying our quiet countryside surroundings.

It was the perfect way to end our week.

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back for another WEEK WITH US

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  1. June 10, 2018 / 5:51 pm

    That ice cream looks amazing! I really hope your little boy’s tooth gets sorted, how awful for him, having to wait. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, we’d love to see you back again on Tuesday!

  2. June 11, 2018 / 11:16 am

    I am exhausted thinking about accomplishing so much in my week. I also really want ice cream after seeing your photos! Thankfully we have some in the freezer. #DreamTeam

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