A Week With Us 4th-10th June 2018 – Self Care, Date Night and A Spot Of Gardening

Welcome to A Week With Us….A weekly update and insight to a week in the lives of our family of 7.

For once this week has been ‘drama-free’….woohoo!

This week has flown over without a glitch. Which, I have to be honest, is a relief. With working full time, and taking care of my family of 7, I could do with a little bit of calm and enjoyment.


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Self Care

I have decided that I really need to work on my self care routine, putting me first, not all the time. Obviously. Just setting some time a side for me. Also, learning to love myself.

Over the years, i have struggled with self acceptance. But, i’m now on a journey of turning around my mindset and lifestyle.

My first thing to do is make a conscious effort to have a healthy diet. So I have decided to follow Slimming World at home, but my main aim isn’t to lose weight. If I do, then bonus. I plan on not using the bathroom scales, as I know that this can affect my mindset.

I have an hourglass figure, so I am learning to love my body and my curves.

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Date Night

Matthew and I very rarely get to go out together. Having 5 children, we don’t exactly have people snapping our hand off to babysit.

But this week, Matthew and I have had our date night planned for months! We secured our babysitter, bought new outfits and made our plans.


We went to Newcastle to see Ed Sheeran!

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I must admit, it felt alien to me to go out without an entourage of kids with us, but we had an amazing time! We managed to get some real quality time together. Even though Matthew and I live and work together, we rarely get ‘Us time’.

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a week with us

While at the Ed Sheeran concert we had a right good old boogie and a giggle. We even had a woman and her daughter compliment us on what a ‘sweet’ couple we were and how in love we look! … Aye, she hasn’t seen us argue! It was lovely to hear it though, that after 9 years together we still have a spark between us.

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Ok, I admit, i’m getting older, I’m starting to take an interest in gardening. I have always wanted a vegetable patch, but never knew quite where to start. So, I called in my Dad, who is an avid gardener. Always pottering around. I got him to help me repot some of my vegetables that have started to sprout and I had a potter around the garden with him. It was great to spend sometime with him and learn from him. Secretly, I think he enjoyed the fact I was finally taking an interest in something he is interested in.

Like I said, this week has been pretty quiet family wise. All of our boys are well.

Caelan is still complaining about his mouth, but not near as much as he has been.

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Mckenzie has been doing amazingly. We have seen a massive improvement in his self regulation skills. I am so proud of him.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you come back for another WEEK WITH US

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