A Week With Us Is Back! 24th-29th September 2018

A week with us is back.

Firstly, let me appologise for A week with us being absent since the summer holidays.

Life has been so hectic with work (childminding), my boys and just life in general.

I can’t even say that we had a brilliant summer.

Cohen was in hospital 

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Cuddles with Daddy are always the best. ❤️ yesterday was such a stressful day. Cohen was moved to a side room. He had even more blood tests and a chest X-ray. more drips were put up. The doctors stopped the antibiotics as they don’t know what we are dealing with. The awful moment came when the doctors come to our room and shut the door. They came to tell us that Cohen’s white blood cell count was rising so they have consulted a team at the RVI in Newcastle for a second opinion. Scared doesn’t even cut it. The ‘C’ word was mentioned along with bone marrow biopsy. I think I turned off after that! My head was swimming. Keeping it together in front of the doctors and my boy. When they left I broke down and cried. I cried so hard I couldn’t breathe. I can’t let anything happen to my boy. I’m his mum, I have to protect him. This ear infection has floored me, but I’m adamant that I am not leaving Cohen’s side, not until we know what we are dealing with. He perked up today, it was lovely to see him smile. More bloods were taken this morning. Just waiting on the results. He’s now fast asleep. #tiredmummy #mumlife #momlife #parenting #pblogger #mblogger #mummyblogger #mommyblogger #darlingtonmemorialhospital #poorlyboy #myboy #fifthborn #son

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My boys have now returned back to school.

We’ve had 3 birthdays. Harvey’s 13th, Caelan’s 6th and My 34th.

So, let’s get you all back up to speed….lets start from now…

This last week has flown by. The days seem to be flying by right now. I honestly can’t explain why. 

Caelan started his Fortini shakes this week as his weight is so low. My boy just won’t eat. I personally think that there are sensory issues going on. I have an appointment with our GP in a couple of weeks as the dietician wants Caelan seen by CAMHS.

Harvey has been having some behavioural issues at school. Which, obviously I am not impressed with at all. As soon as I received the text I was straight on the phone to school asking for a meeting so that we can catch these issues early on. The school was more than happy to cooperate and I will be seeing SENCO next week. 

Mckenzie is trying really hard. It has taken sometime for him to adjust to returning to school and new routines. His school are getting someone in to work with Mckenzie on his immature social and emotional development, anxiety and attachment issues.

Cameron is now in his last year of school. I am trying my hardest to make sure that he isn’t getting stressed out as he doesn’t cope with stress very well. It’s a life lesson that will come with time and experience. 

Cohen is nicely on the mend. I really don’t have anything to report this week about him. Apart from the fact that he is such a sweetheart. 

We ended the week with a family sleepover in the living room on Satuarday night and A Sunday lunch and family time on Sunday. Nothing extravagant, really simple  but we were all together. 

Come back next week for another Week With Us. 

A Week With Us 23rd July-29th July 2018
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  1. October 6, 2018 / 9:11 pm

    I can’t beleieve how terrible your summer was: I had no idea! I hope Cohen is now back to his usual self. Thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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