About This Mummy Rocks


I’m Claire Rocks

(yes, that is my actual name, i am not trying to say i rock!),

I am a 30-something Mummy to 5 boys…yes thats right….


My boys are Cameron (15), Harvey (12), McKenzie (7), Caelan (5) and Cohen (3)

Harvey and McKenzie have additional needs (I’ll talk about that later)

I am married to Matthew who is my best friend and soul mate. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him.

Matthew and I live and work together. We have a childminding business and work from home.

So, as you can see i’m pretty outnumbered!

I bet you’re thinking ‘How has this woman not gone insane from being around kids and (mini) men for 99% of her days?’

The answer is, honestly I REALLY don’t know!

Life is busy, full of fun and it can get pretty hectic…but thats what i’m here for….To write about MY ‘normal’ life.

Being a Mummy of 5, I’ve had more than my fair share of parenting experience. I’ve gained quite a lot of life experience in my 30 odd years too. Some of the things no one should have to experience.

But these are things you will no doubt come across as you follow

This Mummy Rocks

Through out This Mummy Rocks, I will be sharing my personal life experiences, our family life,  celebrations, and the trials and tribulations of daily Mummy life.

This Mummy Rocks’ will offer help to other parents from mums to be and parents to babies, tots and teens. Making other peoples lives simpler.

Empowering Mums to take care of themselves by offering parenting, self-care, woman’s health and mental health content to enabling them to be the best women and Mum’s they can be.

I aim to write about a variety of topics; pregnancy, labour, birth, parenting styles, product reviews, beauty, fitness, mental health, self care, style….and more.

This Mummy Rocks is important to me. I love the idea of knowing anyone could be reading my blog and it could brighten their day, inspire them, make them smile. That they take something away from it and make their lives a little happier and easier.

I hope you enjoy ‘This Mummy Rocks’ and are able to relate to my posts or feel they have inspired and helped you in some way.

If you would like to discuss working with myself and my family please email me to request my media pack or discuss rates thismummyrocksuk@gmail.com

Also check out brands, businesses, bloggers and media that we have worked with


and once again, thanks for reading!

Claire x

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