About This Mummy Rocks


I’m Claire Rocks

(yes, that is my actual name, i am not trying to say i rock!),

I am a 30-something Mummy to 5 boys…yes thats right….


My boys are Cameron (15), Harvey (13), McKenzie (7), Caelan (6) and Cohen (3)

Harvey, McKenzie and Caelan have additional needs (I’ll talk about that later)

I am married to Matthew who is my best friend, we are inseparable. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him.

Matthew and I live and work together. We have a childminding business and work from home.

So, as you can see i’m pretty outnumbered!

Dated:24/06/2018 Claire and Matthew Rocks who have 5 sons, Cameron 15, Harvey 12 (dark blue shirt) McKenzie 7, Caelan 5 (checks), ad Cohen 3 (stripes).

I bet you’re thinking ‘How has this woman not gone insane from being around kids and (mini) men for 99% of her days?’

The answer is, honestly I REALLY don’t know!

Life is busy, full of fun and it can get pretty hectic 

I am a….


I have started THIS MUMMY ROCKS as a way to connect, help and support other parents. Also to share my passion for parenting, family, play and  learning.

Offering hints and tips on how to deal with competing demands of different age children, children with different needs, gaining a family and work life balance. As well as play based learning.

Using my knowledge, experience and my personal stories to inspire and help other parents feel like they can relate and seek comfort, knowing that they aren’t alone and that their is a solution in every situation…you just haven’t found it yet!

And please believe me when I say I have a wealth of knowledge and experience. In my past I have over come eating disorders, depression, been a victim of domestic violence, been a single mum, unemployed mum, working mum, lost my mum when I was 24 and much more. 

But despite all of this, I have used my experiences to become a better person and improve myself, giving me a different approach on life and the way I raise my family. I basically changed the negatives into positives. Found my self worth and confidence amongst it all. 

We were even in the Daily Mail and The Sun as we are the larger than average family. 

Daily Mail

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Feel free to email me or message me on any of my social media platforms if there is anything you would like to know. 


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