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Afternoon Tea At Mainsgill Farm With My Boys

mainsgill farm afternoon tea

It was our last day of our planned work summer holidays with our boys. We wanted to take advantage of family time but the Great British Weather had another idea.

You guessed it, the heavens opened and it poured down!

Well, we weren’t going to let that ruin our fun. So we decided that we wanted to take advantage of the Eat Out, Help Out scheme the UK government had put in place to encourage people to go out and eat to help rebuild the British economy after the Covid-19 pandemic.

One place we love to go as a family is North Yorkshire. It’s only 25 minutes up (or down) the A1. So we bundled the boys in the car and took ourselves to Mainsgill Farm.

Mainsgill farm is on the A66, on the route towards the lake district and M8 to Scotland.


You can’t miss it as on the approach you see camels in the fields. Which isn’t a usual sighting in North Yorkshire.

When we got there, the car park was jam-packed. I think everyone had the same idea, to go out to Mainsgill farm for food on such a gloomy day.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take us too long to order and be seated.

Granted, we were told that if we chose to eat outside under the gazebo we could be seated sooner. I mean a bit of a slight wind never harmed anyone.

We chose to order 2-afternoon teas, sandwiches, chips, milkshakes and cakes. Which I believe is all locally sourced from the farm itself and local businesses.

Even better!

The service was very prompt. With the afternoon teas being presented on a tiered stand with great Yorkshire tea. Including sandwiches of beef, ham and egg. Topped with delicious cakes and scones.

Even though it was still raining, my boys loved the fact they could go and play in the conjoining field and play area. A bit of rain never hurt anyone.

Much to our disappointment, we found out that Mainsgill Farm wasn’t taking part in the Eat Out, Help Out scheme. Meaning we paid full price, but never the less it was still worth it. To get out, eat yummy food and watch my boys have fun. No amount of money can buy that.

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