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Allowing your child to attend a Birthday Bash

It may be nerve-racking even the thought of letting your kid be involved in another child’s birthday party, you may have several worries every time this kind of event occurs. Hopefully, this blog will put your mind at ease with some ideas or thoughts you can consider. Whether it’s because you feel uneasy about just the dangers of kids all sugared up and running into each other, the idea that maybe the kids aren’t supervised every second, or maybe something else that bothers you about a kid’s party. 

Attend it yourself 

This is an ultimate mind-ease thought, if you don’t want them to be in harm’s way then be the hero yourself, you can be in the area of any activity ready to spring into action like a superhero can detect a problem. What if you see many kids heading towards the area that the bouncy castle hire company is setting up, and you become alert to what’s coming, the potential collisions between the children are bound to happen so you can stand close or on standby as it were to act like a paramedic on call for all the accidental crashes.

Trust your child?

Build trust for your child, if you can trust your child with general walking to school or doing their homework and also behaving respectably all of the time then this can be a positive way for you to move forward with thinking that your child can be trusted in a different environment away from you. 

The other Parents/guardians

Make friends with the other parents and you’ll see whether you think that they can be trusted to look after your young one, this isn’t to become malicious, this is only to produce a personality from what you create out the other parent(s) interactions, to see that they can take of your child or not.

Parent tracking

With new technology comes a tracking capability that can tell you where your child is and communicate with them when needed. This is a mild comfort to know that you can find out on a map application where the kid is located as long as the device that they carry is still with them, this is a little worrying but it’s trust that you need to believe them. Communication is a big one too, if you call them and they choose not to answer then this idea has come to an end.

Family friend

This seems like a similar conversation to the above with talking about other parents, but this is about a family member that you can trust to watch your kid and you know that they will because family is a strong bond and reliable connection. So if they can be somewhere to take care of your bundle of joy when you can’t then you have a great source of comfort that you can be happy with.

Your child’s friends

You know if the kids altogether can be a respectable group then maybe you can worry a little less. If you can be the supervisor for the kids for an occasion then you can see for yourself how they are. As a kid you know you never liked being supervised by adults when around all your mates, so when doing your supervising, it is important to do sneak peeks at them so they aren’t aware you know what they are up to. If you can master that then you can see them doing the natural things they do and then you can decide how much trust you can give.


I am a nervous parent that can’t just let things happen without knowing there is a degree of safety. I suggest these ideas because it is what I think I can give out as information to be considered by any level of parenting anxiety you may have. I don’t want to stop fun but if my child isn’t safe enough then I need to protect them. This a bit of a fear but this should be every parent’s fear too, not to try to push my personal preference of ‘this is what you should be doing as a parent’ speech, but I do feel strongly towards this. Trust who you need to and if it is your child who you can ultimately trust, then congratulations. But there is no issue with adding more safety cushions in place so I can relax, The question is, can you relax? Good luck. 

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