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An Exploration of Mythical Creatures

woman wearing fairy costume

A mythical creature can be defined as one that is linked to a legend or folklore. It will often be a supernatural animal but can also be a hybrid. That is part human and part animal. Another point about mythical creatures is that whether they exist or not it is not possible to prove. In folklore, historical accounts pre-date the science that would have proven their existence.

In this article, we shall consider some of the main mythical creatures or beasts in existence. Okay, existence is the wrong word because we assume that they do not exist. At least, we have not seen them.

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Elves and Dwarfs

An elf is a mythical creature that almost appears human. It has magical powers and will not appear to age. They originate from Germanic folklore but can also be found in European folklore. When we think of elves, we think of them helping make presents in Santa’s factory.

Legend has it that Bernard is Santa’s main elf. He has worked in Santa’s workshop for several decades now and has even won awards for being the most valuable elf there. He will sit on Santa’s council and is considered a VIP in the eyes of North Pole residents. That is a very important person.

In appearance, elves are small and short, standing just 4 feet tall. They have ears that are long and pointy. As a Christmas elf, they will be dressed in a red or green costume, have a pointy hat, and be distinguishable by their rosy cheeks. 

There is an association between elves and dwarves according to Norse mythology. They differ in the fact that elves are always busier than dwarves.

Pixies and Fairies

Not unlike an elf in many respects, the pixie is represented as a supernatural being that is human-like in form and with pointed ears and a pointed hat. It is often referred to in folklore and children’s stories. 

Pixies differ from fairies because they are only four inches tall, compared with fairies that are six inches in height. It is a common description that pixies are smaller than fairies. Also, fairies will generally be found in Celtic folklore. 

We cannot think about fairies, without thinking about the Cottingley fairies. As far back as 1917, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths, who were cousins, took two photographs that they claimed were fairies. If you want to know where this was, it was in Cottingley, Bradford, England, hence the name given to the fairies. Elsie was 16 years old at the time, and Frances just 9. These pictures would come to the attention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, famed for writing the Sherlock Holmes stories. He was something of a spiritualist. He was most enthusiastic about the photographs that, to him, depicted fairies. He believed that it was the evidence. The public reaction, however, was very mixed, with many believing the photographs had been faked. I will let you make your mind up on that. If you are curious to know more, then you can find it out by clicking on mysterious fairy photographs.


A unicorn counts as a mythical animal because it is something of a hybrid. It is a horse with a horn that projects straight out of its forehead. These legendary creatures are thought naturally to be white because it is a symbol of grace and purity. There are variations, however. They can also be silver, green, and sometimes black.

It is an old legend that unicorns exist because it was first mentioned in 5th century BC. It originates from Asia but has since become a symbol of Scotland.

A unicorn’s magic powers include the ability to heal sickness. So, they are a useful creature to have around if you can find one.

Something can be described as a unicorn if it is highly desirable or difficult to obtain.

In conclusion, there are lots of mythical creatures to explore. It will take us on a fascinating journey.

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