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Enjoying sports and actually being fit enough to take part are very different. So if you struggle with the physicality of joining a sports team, but love a bit of competition, here are the best eSport and online games to play. 

Tetris 99

Starting with something a little old school, Tetris 99 for Nintendo Switch is great for gamers that don’t have much time to follow a story mode. However, unlike the original one-player game, Tetris 99 can be used with multiplayer, making it a fun and frantic game for friends to compete against each other. After you clear two lines in this game, you’ll be sent to attack another one of 99 players – either random users or your own friends. 

It’s free on the Nintendo Online Pass, and there are plenty of other free Tetris versions online for the less competitive folk. 

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is ideal for anyone that loves GTA. The online portion of the game, Red Dead Online, allows a multiplayer game where you can compete or work together to beat other teams in competitive showdowns. So gallop onto the battlefield with your nearest and dearest to see how well you work as a team.

Overcooked 1 and 2 

Those that prefer something a little less guns ablaze will enjoy Overcooked. The second game of the collection, Overcooked 2, will test the limits of you and your friends. Presented with the most extravagant chef’s kitchens on icebergs or on the back of a truck, you’ll have to help and coordinate the full kitchen staff while also creating the best meals to keep your customers happy. 


Again, not as violent as other online games, Bingo is a great way to relax and maybe win a little money. will help you find the perfect Bingo game for you.


Out of all the horror games available on the market, Phasmophobia fills players with dread. You’ll be in a group of up to four people investigating paranormal activity in schools, houses, and prisons. Your job is to observe and document any happenings while also completing a number of tasks along the way. 

The eeriness of the locations creates an incredibly tense play – perfect for scaring your friends or testing yourself when home alone in the dark…

The Final Fantasy Franchise

For those that love a story mode, Final Fantasy is the ultimate choice. Recently, the franchise extended its range to include Final Fantasy 14, offering a more complex storyline and new areas to explore. In addition, the free trial allows you to reach level 60 before subscribing, and there’s no time limit. 


Of course, no games list would be complete without Fortnite making an appearance. This game has taken the world by storm, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing. It’s an incredibly fun battle royale-style game with building, shooting, and crafting all involved. It’s available on any device and includes characters from Marvel, NBA, and other out-of-game references.

Let us know what your favorite online games are!

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