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Bathroom Troubles at Home

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bathrooms? Hygiene? Decor? Moisture? 

Wrong on all three accounts. While there’s no denying that these things matter too, your top priority when it comes to managing bathroom troubles at home is experience. Your puppy Rex lacks experience in the bathroom department, and you’ve been mopping enough to know that much. For young children, the bathroom is also a new and daunting experience, with accidents and mishaps threatening to happen. 

So, as a parent and/or a pet owner, what can you do to ease the learning phase and make sure everyone can get a better bathroom experience? 

Create a toilet area for little ones

When your little one decides to use the toilet, it’s likely to be an emotional rollercoaster of a journey. The first and most important potty training advice anyone could give parents is to be patient. It takes a lot of time to know and understand what your body is trying to tell you. Your child is in the process of figuring out when they need to use the toilet. So, of course, there will be accidents. These are part of the journey. However,  you can make the bathroom more welcoming and less daunting for your child. It’s likely to encourage them to go to the toilet. Making potty time fun and stress-free will make a huge difference. So, you can create a cosy little spot in the bathroom for them, including some tactile books. After all, adults tend to go to the bathroom with their phone or a magazine, so it’s only fair your child gets a similar treatment. Some children prefer to sit on the toilet, so it’s worth investing in a clip-on seat for them. 

Avoid puppy mishaps

Adopting a dog is a fantastic addition to the family. You’ve prepared their space inside your home, and you’ve made sure they can play safely in the garden. But remember that puppies are still children who need to learn how to go to the bathroom. So, it’s important to be attentive to your dog and recognise the signs. You can add an emergency toilet spot in the garden for those days when your puppy can’t wait. Make sure to clean and scoop regularly. Additionally, you can teach your puppy to ask to go out. Just like with a child, you have to be patient. 

Litter train your kitten

Last but not least, a family cat can transform your household. Typically, kittens are litter trained by the mother. But if it hasn’t happened or if you’ve adopted an outdoors cat, you’ll need to place your cat in front of the litter tray regularly. Cats are quick to pick up bathroom tips as they are clean by nature. However, a stressed-out cat is likely to urinate inside your home as a territorial behavioural. If this is the case, using a hormone diffuser can soothe your pet. Additionally, cats avoid dirty litter trays. Keep it clean and fresh, or invest in a smart tray that does all the work for you. Some cats are used to go outside instead. Creating a private and clean bathroom area for them can gradually change their habits.  

Patience, attentiveness, smart bathroom improvements are crucial to building positive toilet habits inside your household. From young children to puppies, everyone needs some time to adjust to new habits. But making the experience as smooth and stress-free as possible will pay off. 

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