BlogOn May 4th 2019 :: Manchester, Blogging Buddies & Parties

Well, what can I say? The BlogOn team did it again! They pulled off yet another absolutely fantastic BlogOn.

BlogOn is a blogging convention held in Manchester twice a year. The BlogOn team bring together bloggers from all around the UK and lots of brands and PR companies too.

This years BlogOn landed on May the 4th, Star Wars Day! So naturally, there had to be a Star Wars theme.

After a little hiccup from myself on Friday, with my anxiety getting the better of me! – Damn you anxiety! I arrived in Manchester late afternoon.

Once arriving at my hotel, I had all plans to get refreshed, changed and go and meet some of my blogging buddies for drinks and a catch up.


Well, that didn’t happen did it? No! Of course no, because I only went and fell asleep! What a typical Mum thing to do! I get a weekend off from playing Mum and I fall asleep. Waking up to missed calls and messages asking where I was. I had to confess that I had fallen asleep. But, to be fair, I felt brighter and not as anxious. So maybe the nap didn’t do too much harm.

I had a quiet night in on my own, which was really weird as it never happens. But I have to admit, was quite nice.

Saturday Morning….BlogOn!

Waking early on Saturday, I got myself ready and went to meet some of my fellow bloggers in the hotel foyer. With empty suitcases in tow, we all walked over to Hotel Football to sign in to the BlogOn Conference.

Signing in was super fast and easy. We were sent to collect our mammoth goody bags!

Now, the BlogOn goody bags are legendary, like we seriously get spoilt! They’re jam packed with all sorts of goodies, such as products to sample.

BlogOn provide a breakfast of a variety of breakfast buns and hot drinks. It gave me time to grab a cuppa and have a quick catch up with friends.

At 10 am the conference started with a keynote session and then onto the wide array of seminars with some of the well-known people of their expertise of their field leading the talks.

BlogOn keynote speech. Room filled with rows of people at keynote speech. Person talking to crowd of people.

The seminars are always amazing. I always come away ladened with notes from learning something new and feeling confident and motivated to go and put my new found knowledge into practice.

The first place I went to was the brand den. Now if you’ve never been to BlogOn before, the brand den is where all the brands who are attending the conference are situated.

The BlogOn Brand Den

The first brand I could smell, yes- SMELL was LUSH! Oh my! It was divine. Lush Manchester Naked store brought some of their products for us to sample.

LUSH stand at BlogOn conference. Variety of bath bombs, cleansers, shampoos. LUSH cosmetics.

Co-op was attending again, with the launch of their new sourdough pizza range, as well as having the prosecco flowing from the late afternoon.

I did sample both. It would’ve been rude not to right?!

The was also toy companies including the Entertainer, Canal Toys and Recreation toys. I have to admit, I’m a big kid, so I love these types of brands.

Brand Den BlogOn. The Entertainer stand. Toys on display.

This year there was a few smaller, local companies attending. Including Energy balls, Zuntold publishing and Meadow Gin.

Lunch was served, giving us a chance to have a sit down and a catch up with other bloggers face to face. Which I love because the blogging buddies I have made live nowhere near me. So to see them in person is always a treat.

After lunch was more seminars, one last look around the brand den and of course the infamous BlogOn raffle.

Bring On The Party

After the conference was over, it was back to the hotel for a quick change and out for a meal to Media city to Wagamamas.

Then, it was time for the BlogOn afterparty which was sponsored by Paladone.

I absolutely love a good party. The party wasn’t as busy as previous ones I had been to, but to be fair, BlogOn is such a full on day, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone was tired!

BlogOn after party. Paladone May  The 4th BlogOn Afterparty. Star wars theme

Catching Up With Friends

I went on to have a brilliant evening with some of my blogging buddies, leading us to having an extra late night, or I could say early morning. With is not leaving the hotel bar until 5.45am on Sunday morning.

Surprisingly I didn’t have a hangover.

Once I arrived home my boys totally ransacked my BlogOn goody bag! I’ve not seen them this excited since Christmas.

Overall, I have to say I really enjoyed BlogOn and I am looking forward to BlogOn Toys in September.

Did you attend BlogOn? Let me know your best bits!

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