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Breakfast With Santa At Wyevale Garden Centre Stockton – Review

Breakfast With Santa At Wyevale Garden Centre Stockton – Review

I was recently asked to take part in a Review of Breakfast With Santa At Wyevale Garden Centre. When I read the invitation and it said Breakfast with Santa, biscuit decorating & fun festive activities plus a special present from Father Christmas I thought my three youngest sons, McKenzie 8, Caelan 6, and Cohen 3, would  love it! Especially since the topic of Christmas was becoming a daily occurrence. 

We are regular customers of the Wyevale Garden centre in Stockton so we knew where to go. 

Wyevale garden centre never ceases to amaze me at Christmas time. With their magnificent Christmas displays and decorations. They certainly put on a full show. My boys were in amazed and in awe with it all even before we reached the restaurant where our Breakfast with Santa experience was to take place. From displays of Santas cabin, an elf work shop and a singing reindeers and tree. All amongst their array of Christmas decorations and lights. 

Once we arrived at the Wyevale garden centre restaurant, which was very well sign posted. We were greeted by Mrs Clause and an elf. 

They took our names and handed my boys their name tags as well as a numbered wrist band. I know it’s only simple, but the personal touches mean the most. My boys loved how Santa would definitely know their names now, especially since he has to remember all of the children’s names in the world. 

We were taken to our allocated table by a very mischievous but very friendly elf. She made us all giggle. The table was set up with a colouring sheet place mat, crayons, crackers, beakers and cutlery. 

caelan colouring in wyevale garden centre breakfast with santa

The Breakfast

We had preordered our breakfasts as part of the experience. So I already had an idea what to expect. 

The breakfasts took longer than expected to be served to us all. Which to myself, wasn’t an issue as my boys were happily entertained colouring in and telling each other the cringe worthy jokes from the crackers. Plus Mrs Clause and the elves walked around chatting to the children at the tables and made sure we all had plenty of juice and warm drink refills. This was a lovely distraction. 

If i’m honest, I was nervous about how my boys would react to the food, as they are very picky eaters. My sons had toast, beans, scrambled egg, hash brown and a sausage. But to my surprise, they absolutely loved it! 

wyevale garden centre childrens breakfast

My breakfast was very similar, toast, beans, fried egg, hash brown, sausage, bacon and black pudding.

Absolutely delicious!

Wyevale garden breakfast with santa adults breakfast

As we were finishing our breakfasts, Mrs Clause and the elves lead a sing song, splitting the room in half pantomime style. Seeing which side was the loudest and proudest! My boys  seemed to be having a great time. 

After the sing song. Everyone had to shout for Santa. When the big man himself appeared, he was very well dressed and authentic. He then spent time wandering around the tables, taking time to talk to the families and children. Giving opportunities for photos. 

As Santa was being seated in his grotto, the elves handed out biscuits for the children to decorate. Each child was given a plate with a ‘gluten free’ snowman biscuit, 2 icing pens and a pack of sprinkles. 

decorating biscuits wyevale garden centre breakfast with santa

As the children were busy being kept occupied by this activity, the started to shout out the numbers on the wrist bands we were given upon signing in at the start of the morning. 

What I loved, was the fact there was no queuing to see Santa, that an elf came over to your table and escorted us to the grotto. Again, that little personal touches that make things that make things that little bit more special. 

Santa posed for photos with my boys. My boys were then allowed to choose a gift from a selection of around 7-8 different items. Including plush toys, dinosaurs, diggers, footballs, craft kits, magnetic doodle pad and a solar panel robot kits. 

visiting santa wyevale garden centre breakfast with santa

Mckenzie chose the solar panel robot kit, while Caelan and Cohen both chose dinosaurs. 

After this, we were free to  leave. The elves came over to our table as we were leaving, to say goodbye. 


Breakfast With Santa At Wyevale Garden Centre

Our Verdict

Overall I think it was a lovely little experience. It lasted around 2 hours, which I found was long enough to keep my boys interested. 

The food was delicious, even though there was a slightly longer than normal wait, the contents made up for it. 

The activities on offer were very simple, but they kept  the children entertained and content. Which is a bonus. 

The staff at the Wyevale Garden Centre, Stockton, including Santa, Mrs Clause and the elves were amazing. Great customer service and the definitely put a smile on my boys faces. 

If you’re looking for something, friendly, relaxed and not too over the top, with limited availability per session, this is ideal. 

Thank you Wyevale Garden Centre, Stockton for having us! 

To book your Breakfast With Santa experience with Wyevale Garden Centre click HERE

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*Breakfast with Santa Experience was gifted in return for a full and honest review.

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  1. mummy here and there
    December 11, 2018 / 9:03 am

    wow, this looks so much fun. What is better then seeing Santa? with breakfast. Looks so magical and festive as well X #mmbc

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