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Choosing The Perfect Quilt Covers For Your Bedroom (AD)

Choosing The Perfect Quilt Covers For Your Bedroom (AD)

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The bedroom has to be one most used rooms in a house, after the kitchen.

Think about it though, the bedroom is a place of sanctuary, peace and happiness. A place where you can feel relaxed and content.

Do you feel any of these in your bedroom or do you feel like you need a little bit of a style update?

Make a change

I find as the seasons change, a simple change of quilt covers style set can make all the difference to my bedroom as well as my mindset and well being.

The simplest way to freshen up your bedroom and to give it an instant style refresh is to introduce a new duvet cover. Plus it is an inexpensive option at that!

The beauty of bedding is that you change the quilt covers frequently, allowing you to alternate to a different style while one’s in the wash. Perfect!

You can get all sorts of style to suit your taste and style that suits you!

Plain or Patterned?

If you want to make a statement, patterned quilt covers has its advantages. You could go with bold, bright playful prints of flamingos and cacti. Or something more feminine and romantic such as pastel colours and florals. The best way to use patterned quilt cover is to pick up the accent colours from the room, giving you the flexibility to feature small doses of that colour, without being overwhelming.

By using plain, solid coloured quilt covers, you can add a touch of elegant and simplicity to your bedroom. By adding a complimentary accent pillow, sheets, or even a throw at the end of the bed you can add a pop of colour which, which again can simply be changed to suit the look you’re going for.

Yorkshire Linen offers an amazing collection of quilt covers in various sizes like, single, queen, king size etc. If you are on a budget do Check out the Yorkshire Linen Website

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