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Christmas Gift Guide For Something A Little Different 2020

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There’s always that one person who is hard to buy for at Christmas or at any time of the year for that matter. That one person who either says that they don’t want anything or that they already have it all! Which isn’t helpful in the slightest. You’re left stressing and wondering who on earth to buy them.

Well, I’ve come up with a list of things that are Something A Little Bit Different, which will hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration which are brought to you by some amazing brands.

*Please note that some of these items have been gifted from the Brands and Companies and some are affiliate links.

Marokka Dog and Candle

Marokka Scented candle made from recycled wine bottles. Frank candle scent starts with notes of peony and red apple followed by generous notes of rose, jasmine and carnation.
Natural Wax scented candle in a re-usable recycled wine bottle glass container, with handmade geometric lid topped with a unique Marokka sculpture in Nickel Pewter.

Marokka Dog

Hand-finished in recyclable plastic and made by Rotation modelling after 3D prototype printing. The geometric symmetry is beautiful. Certificate of authenticity with every purchase. All sculptures show the unique M logo.

Prints from Ink and Drop

Give the gift of art and creativity this Christmas, with the fantastically, wonderful and quirky prints and canvas’ from Ink and Drop.

Perfect for anyone who is extravagant or someone needing a pop of colour and excitement in their lives (and home)

K-Pay Contactless Pay Bracelet

K-pay is a genius idea of stylish wearables for both men and women, such as bracelets, pendants and key fobs which allows you to make quick and secure payments anywhere that accepts contactless. Just think, you don’t need to carry your cards around in a bag, it’s simply and discreetly on your wrist! Perfect for busy mums who have their hands full!

Spice Pots

Spice Pots are the perfect ‘chef wannabe’ or someone who is finding their feet in the kitchen to be able to aid them to make gorgeous curries everyone will love! Spice Pots have a wide array of gift boxes for all occasions, including 5 authentic Indian spices to make the perfect curry, a cookbook and a candle.

Bottled Baking Co

The Bottled Baking Co are a unique little company that offers a unique concept of putting all the dry ingredients you need to make some yummy treats into a bottle! So simple, but just think of how yummy a treat for someone it will be. Plus their gift boxes are amazing!

Online Gift experiences

With all of the Covid-19 restrictions in place, why not give the gift of an online gift experience? Where the experience comes to you?! Buy-A-Gift have some amazing online gift experiences, including Afternoon tea, courses and subscription boxes!

Voucher Express

If all else fails you can never go wrong with vouchers. Giving the person total control on what they would like to gift themselves from you! Voucher Express has a wide variety of vouchers for a wide variety of high street and online shops and stores.


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  1. November 29, 2020 / 6:01 am

    What some Awesome items, I have to admit I really love the sound of the candles from Marokka, especially the Frank one with the dog on! (I’m not sure that’s a surprise really).

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