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Common Mistakes Parents Make When Teaching Their Kids From Home

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Teaching kids at home isn’t easy. It’s essentially a full-time role, and it can be tough to manage alongside other jobs and domestic duties as well. 

While home-schooling is no longer a government mandate, some parents still teach their kids at home all the same. They may be preparing them for important exams or giving their grades a boost through their input. 

Still, that doesn’t mean things are easy. If you’re one of the many parents who suffered from home learning related burnout recently, then there may be a better path forward.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the common mistakes parents make when teaching their kids from home. 

Setting Unreasonable Objectives

Every parent would love for their child to be something of a prodigy. However, every kid learns differently. 

Some children may excel best when they learn in short bursts. Others may prefer longer study sessions. Try to schedule your child’s workflow in a way that accommodates their desired conditions. You can afford to be flexible here so long as you prepare them for exam conditions in the appropriate academic years. 

Try to create an encouraging environment too. If your child secures A* grades at the cost of their mental wellbeing, their successes will not be worth the sacrifices made to their happiness. Look for the signs of being a pushy parent, and don’t warp your good intentions by bulling them into submission. Encourage success out of love instead. 

Being Too Relaxed

Just as you shouldn’t be too domineering, you should refrain from being too laidback! A balanced effort is best!

Some parents may skip breaks so that playtime comes around sooner. Try not to do this, as those gaps in the work schedule can help you and your child recharge for a different lesson. 

There may also be a temptation to mix work and play at all times. Unless the lesson calls for it with a very young child, your kids should otherwise be focused and entirely in work mode for the duration of their study time. 

Create a robust study plan and stick to it too. Time your lessons, breaks, and everything in between, and you’ll be far less likely to become distracted. Make sure to set alarms on your phone to keep things moving at a good pace. 

Refusing to Learn

Some parents assume that kid’s schoolwork is easy. However, if you haven’t been in school for a long time, many of the lessons you once learnt may have been long forgotten.

Brush up on your knowledge for your child’s age. For example, you could consult a trained eleven plus tutor who can help you educate yourself first. You’ll have access to sample training videos, as well as expert guidance that’s been tailored to your personal situation. Register for their free 11+ education offerings for parents, and your child will have a far better chance at getting into grammar school. 

Remember, you need to be able to play an active role in your kid’s learning. You shouldn’t just give them books and a pen and expect them to make any progress alone, especially at a younger age. Bring yourself up to speed, sit with them, and learn together. Don’t hesitate to access expert resources when needed.     

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