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Coping When Your Child Goes To University Abroad

Eventually, your children reach an age where they spread their wings and fly from the nest. For most parents, this happens when your kids are 18 and ready to go to university. While some may stay local and remain at home, others set off on wild adventures across the world. For a young adult, the prospect of studying abroad is too good of a chance to pass up. Imagine being able to live in a different country for at least three years?! It’s sad to admit, but they’re not thinking about you when they make their decision. All they’re thinking about is how amazing this opportunity is, and how they need to do it. 

So, despite your secret wishes, they don’t go to the closest university in your area! Instead, they’re in a different country – possibly on the other side of the world. As someone who has been around your kids for the first 18 years of their lives, this is a massive shock to the system. You’re not used to not having them around, let alone dealing with the fact that they’re in a foreign country. It’s easy to panic and get really upset, but you should be thinking about what you need to do. As a parent, you have some duties when your child studies abroad, along with a few things you can do to cope. 

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Call them once a week

It’s important to stay in touch with your child when they’re studying abroad. However, you don’t want to go overboard and call them every single day. Some parents are like this in the beginning, and it ends up annoying your child to the point that they won’t pick up anymore. Instead, a nice middle-ground is to call once a week at most. Pick a day when you’re both free, and pay attention to the time zone differences you may face. Mainly, you want to avoid situations where you call your child and it’s ridiculous o’clock for them! 

This weekly catchup lets you know how they’re doing and if they’re settling in okay. If you want, you can video call with them to see how they are and check that they’re physically looking well. It also adds a more personal touch that can help you cope with the fact they’re no longer at home. Honestly, video calls are the closest you get to actually being with your child when they’re abroad! Try to keep up with this weekly schedule so you don’t lose contact with your child. 

Send them a monthly allowance

University is outrageously expensive – especially when you’re a foreign student. Any loans that your child has been given will probably be spent on their tuition fees. Thus, they don’t have much to spend on food and other essentials. This is where they need your help, ensuring they can actually live a somewhat comfortable life. You don’t have to spoil them, but give them a decent monthly allowance to cover food, laundry, etc. 

Truthfully, you almost want to avoid sending them too much money, so they feel encouraged to get a part-time job as well. Anyway, it’s useful to find a money transfer company that can set everything up for you, ensuring your money finds them with no issues at all. Now, your child should be able to study without worrying about how they’ll pay for their next meal!

Find ways to occupy your time

Some parents can drive themselves crazy by constantly worrying about what their child is up to, how they are, and so on. Therefore, the best approach is to find ways to occupy your thoughts. Take up a new hobby that requires lots of your attention, meaning you don’t have time to worry about your child anymore. This keeps you going between your weekly checkups, meaning you aren’t tempted to call them multiple times a week! 

Also, if you have other children, now is the time to give them lots of attention. Your eldest child leaving for university is a big wake-up call that your kids are growing up. So, it’s time to make the most out of the time you have with any other kids that are still in your home. Make it your mission to really take advantage of every moment you have with your other kids, so you don’t have a sense of regret when they eventually leave the nest. 

Seeing your child go to university is a big moment for every parent. It’s even bigger when they decide to leave the country and study in a new place. Hopefully, these three tips will help you cope when this situation arises!

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