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Crate Creatures Surprise Kaboom Box Review #AD

two boys sat with crate creatures. hands on kaboom box.

Crate Creatures are the perfect toy for your little monsters. They’re ugly in a super cute way. I mean look at them…

3 crate creatures kaboom box figures

On first impressions they’re bright in colour, they’re made from some tough stuff, really robust plastic! – It’s one of the first things I look for in toys, the quality. The last thing I want is to purchase a toy and it breaks! Especially since the Crate Creature Bashers are designed to be thrown around!

crate creatures kaboom box open

We loved the packaging of the Crate Creatures Suprise Kaboom Box. Twist and slam down the KaBoom Box handle for an explosive unboxing. Each Crate Creature comes inside their own interactive crate, which can be closed up and exploded again and again. Which for me is a bonus, less waste in packaging!

My boys loved the idea of blowing the crate up!

All the pieces of the crate creature kaboom box

Each Crate Creature comes with a Body and five body parts to assemble any way you want to create a really gruesome, but super cute Monster.

caelan mixing up the crate creatures

You can customise your Crate Creatures by mixing up the body parts. Each body part unlocks a different funny and gross noise depending on where it is fitted. Also, pull the rubbery tongue for more rude noises.

You know the type of noises I mean…burps, parps, raspberries.

My boys loved them! The ruder the noise is the better! Definitely, gained some laughs and giggles.

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Overall, my boys really enjoyed the Crate Creatures. Loving the fact that if they bought more in the series that they can swap the body parts around to make yet more crate creatures.

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*We were sent Crate Creatures Surprise Boombox and Bashers in exchange for a review.

*This post contains affiliate links if you purchase anything through them I may receive a small fee 

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