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Creative Retro Toys Review :: Spirograph And Plasticine :: AD

Creative Retro Toys Review :: Spirograph And Plasticine :: AD

When I was a kid back in the late ’80s and early ’90’s (My goodness, I’m showing my age now) I remember having some pretty awesome toys. None of this games console malarky. It was more about creativity and simplicity. Retro toys provided hours of stimulating fun. Don’t you think?

Retro Toys were the best!

I feel that kids these days don’t experience what we did as kids. They seem to prefer to be locked in their bedrooms, talking to their friends over a computer or watching YouTube or TikTok. They don’t know what they’ve been missing out on. With simple and effective things in life when it comes to toys and play.

But you will never guess what?!

Retro Toys are back!

Flair has brought back some of my childhood favourite retro toys, which means we can share the delight we once experienced as the ’80s and 90’s child with our own children. Let our inner child free and be prepared to go back in time.

Flair kindly sent us Plasticine Noodles, Plasticine Tool Box, Plasticine Movie Maker, Spirograph Scratch N Shimmer and Spirograph Original Deluxe Set.

Now these are retro toys that are like a blast from the past!

Spirograph Original Deluxe Set

I think every 80’s and 90’s child has heard of Spirograph! If not, then i really don’t know what to say! I see Spirograph as such the ultimate and iconic creative retro toys.

Spirograph is a classic way to create countless amazing designs! Each design you create is unique and different every time. This set includes over 45 pieces with precision parts, pens and a durable storage case. The reusable Spiro-Putty holds the fixed position Spirograph pieces securely in place on the paper. Making sure that the piece is locked in position will improve the accuracy of the finalised design.

Spirograph Deluxe Set is just like I remember it from when I was a kid. I have to admit, I was in my element using Spirograph again after so many years.

Once I introduced it to my boys, they gave it a go. At first, they found the idea of how to use it quite challenging, but once they got going, they loved seeing how their patterns and creations turned out!

Available from Argos

Spirograph Scratch N Shimmer

A touch of colour and sparkle will be added with the new Scratch and Shimmer Spirograph Set. Both Rainbow and sparkly waxed scratch sheets have been added together with new glitter precision wheels to etch out the most colourful Spirograph creations to date. Simply set the wheels up, insert the drawing tool and let the creativity flow.

I think the Scratch and Shimmer Spirograph Set was more appealing to my boys at it had the familiar scratch art concept. Which I have to admit, did bring some extra sparkle and shine to our Spirograph creations.

Available from Argos

Plasticine Tool Box

The Plasticine Tool Box comes with everything you need to help you make your very own Plasticine models. 7 colours of Plasticine, 5 shaped cutters, 1 modelling tool and 1 roller which are stored in a sturdy box. The tool box comes with carry handle for modelling on the move! You can then store all your Plasticine material in your tool box.

The Plasticine is just like I remember it. Really tough to manipulate but once it had warmed up, you are good to go! The colours are bright and vibrant, allowing you to let your creative flair take over to make some pretty awesome models.

Available from Amazon at an absolute amazing price of £6.99.

Plasticine Softeez Noodles

Plasticine Softeez is the super, soft modelling fun! Use the Plasticine Softeez to decorate the card designs and create your very own scenes! Peel apart a Plasticine Softeez “Noodle” strip and doodle it on the design to fill the blanks. Kids will have hour soft fun creating their own Plasticine Softeez world!

My boys loved these Plasticine Softeez Noodles. The concept of the idea is so simple, yet it caused my boys to concentrate and pay attention to the fine details. My boys did find it a little tricky to get the Plasticine noodles to stick to the pictures but other than that they really enjoyed it. Thinking about it, this would be a brilliant activity to take to a restaurant to keep the kids entertained while waiting for a meal.

Available from all good independent toy stores

If You Were An 80’s Or 90’s Child, What Was Your Favourite Retro Toys? Let Me Know In The Comments Below


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