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Keep Your Cool: How to Deal with the Pressures of Studying

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Everybody has been there. Academic pressure is some of the greatest stress that you could ever face and so among studies, exams and endless pots of coffee, it’s only right that it’s all feeling a bit much. That’s fine. Take a step back, breathe and refresh. You’ve got this. 

There are ways for you to be able to manage your stress while still putting in all of the necessary effort to your studies. Half of the time when students fail exams, it’s because they manage to get into their own head, as such they panic on the day and can’t remember what they have spent the last few months learning. 

By simply adopting some of the methods below, you will be able to deal with the stress of studying and exams. 

Consider Remote Learning 

More and more people throughout these last 2 years have realized the benefits of online learning. One of the main advantages is that learning online is much more flexible than having to attend classes. You can sit through them at your own leisure and learn at your own speed. People have also found they are much happier asking questions about the subject or the pressure of dealing with the subject with the discretion of an email rather than doing it in front of a class of people. 

It’s for these reasons that NMU’s Global Campus is now becoming so popular. By enrolling in their online classes, students are able to take lessons at their own pace, then if they have any questions, staff are always available to help out in any way that they can. 

Breathe and Stretch While Studying 

By practicing breathing techniques, you are able to relieve stress because it slows down your body and calms your mind. It can be in itself a form of meditation, which has a range of health benefits, a reduction in stress being the key one for students. 

Stretching the body is also beneficial as it helps to relieve muscle tension, increase your circulation and also focus your brain. There are yoga poses available too that can help when it comes to guided stretching, all of which could assist with relieving stress. 

Practice Time Management 

If you create a detailed study timetable, then this is an incredibly effective way to make your study time as stress-free as possible. Simply planning a day, week or even a month in advance can help with cutting your work down into bite sized chunks, consequently making them a lot easier to swallow. 

Cut Out Distractions 

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are the bane of every student. They’re one of the biggest distractions ever and what’s worse, they fit right in the palm of our hand. Not only can we lose hours scrolling endlessly, but studies have shown these sites can also cause us to feel stressed. By putting your phone in another room and completely cutting off social media when you have set time aside to work, can have a huge positive impact on your studying. 

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  1. July 16, 2021 / 11:07 am

    Thank you for sharing these tips! Academic pressure is indeed very stressful. However, I found out a way to deal with this pressure and I opted for distance learning. With online learning, I can now choose classes as per my schedule. This has reduced the pressure to a great extent. Another way through which I have dealt with academic pressure is by opting for Oxford Learning College, as they have some great and experienced professors. Hence, they are one of the world’s leading distance education providers.

  2. July 26, 2021 / 7:24 am

    Academic pressure is trully the very stressful experienced by students. We can take regular break while studying to deal with this. Also make a timetable and stick to it. And we should eat well and sleep well too.
    Thanks To Claire for sharing these tips with us!
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