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Designing My Dream Kitchen

photo of kitchen interior

Do you ever get the feeling that you feel stuck in a rut with your house? You know that you don’t feel completely happy and content. Right now, I’m not completely happy with my kitchen.

Now I’m massive on Hygge lifestyle, making sure my life is balanced and understanding that my surroundings impact on my well being. So I’ve decided to start looking at ways I can improve my kitchen, by designing my dream kitchen.

First of all my dream kitchen needs to have lots and I mean lots of storage space and storage solutions.

We are a family of 7 and I’m a childminder. You can imagine we eat a lot of food!

I’m loving the idea of an old fashioned floor to ceiling pantry cupboards. Somewhere to store all of our cupboard food such as tins and non-perishable food items. Everything in one place.

I would love a kitchen with a modern style. A lot of kitchens I’m seeing are white or cream. As lovely as they look, I’m not entirely convinced it’s for me and my family. I mean white and cream in a house full of children, seems to be a recipe for disaster.

But thinking about it, white or cream worktops and surfaces would be lovely. I’m loving the idea of quartz worktops, especially the ones with a little sparkle in them but then I’m thinking laminated worktops too. They come in so many styles and textures. Including wood and marble.

My dream kitchen most certainly includes a centre console or island. I’m really liking the idea of a central functional focus point. Especially if it has a dual purpose such as a breakfast bar and sink.

Now thinking about the oven, I adore the Aga’s. With all their different functions. It’s a definite to add to my dream kitchen. I mean, think of all the different dishes you could have cooking at once! Perfect for my large family.

As for the fridge and freezer, it was to be a stainless steel American Fridge and Freezer.

There’s so much to consider. The opportunities are endless.

What would your dream kitchen look like?

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