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Draw Perfect Pictures With SuperGraph From John Adams :: AD

Draw Perfect Pictures With SuperGraph From John Adams :: AD

As a kid, I used to love drawing pictures all day long. My boys are just the same. But I noticed that they lacked confidence when trying to copy pictures. They would soon give up.

I was asked to review SuperGraph from John Adams.

What is SuperGraph?

SuperGraph is a drawing system that aids children aged 8 years + (and adults) to be able to draw any picture they want by tracing in a way of using specially positioned mirrors to “project” an image of the original picture onto the paper for them to trace over by looking through the eyepiece. It’s ever so clever!

What’s Inside The Box

SuperGraph is compact and has to be assembled before you can use it. Surprisingly it is fairly simple to assemble and only took a matter of minutes.

Once assembled I was pretty impressed at how large the SuperGraph was.

The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about storage as it can be disassembled and all the pieces fit neatly into the base, it even has a handle on it so it can be carried around. Perfect to use on the go!

The plus side is that SuperGraph doesn’t require any batteries and can be used straight from the box.

What We Thought

Once all set up, my boys and husband (my big kid) couldn’t wait to give SuperGraph a try. We found that space and area that you use SuperGraph needs to be well lit. Need this be by natural light or room lighting. It seemed to bring a whole new level of confidence to my boys and their ability to want to try and extend their drawing expertise. Once they would say that they wouldn’t be able to try and copy a picture. Now, SuperGraph has given them the tools to be able to draw absolutely anything they want! From photos and objects too!

The only downside is that theres only an option to draw landscape and not portrait. But to be honest, it has little effect to the overall experience.

Added Extras

There is a SuperGraph App that can be downloaded on Apple and Android so that the pictures are drawn directly onto a tablet rather than paper. Unfortunately, we don’t have a stylus for our tablet so we weren’t able to try this out properly, but using your finger works just as well. The App is actually quite a handy and simple drawing app on its own.

Would We Recommend SuperGraph?

Most definitely! We highly recommend SuperGraph, especially for any child (or adult) that loves and enjoys to draw.

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