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Encourage Creativity With K’Nex Building Sets For All Ages :: AD

Encourage Creativity With K’Nex Building Sets For All Ages :: AD

When it comes to STEM toys that bring out the creative side of children, K’Nex it one of my go-to brands and products.

What Are K’Nex?

K’Nex owned by Basic Fun Toys is a STEM construction toy that has been on the go since the 1990s.

Being a STEM toy, it encourages and engages children (and adults) into extending their imagination and creativity by using an early understanding of engineering skills to create 3D models, some with moving parts. Made from plastic rods and a variety of connectors that slip and click together.

K’Nex Products

We have been sent three different K’Nex products to review; Rockin Robots, 10-in-1 Building Set and Battle Bow.

These 3 K’Nex Building kits are marketed towards children of different ages. Depending on the age, there is a significant difference in the size of the pieces and complexity of the instructions.

Rockin’ Robots

Rockin’ Robots is suitable for children aged 3+. The pieces are a lot larger than the core K’Nex kits. They are nice and ‘chunky’ and are in bright and vibrant neon colours. Making them appealing to younger children. Being chunky, it makes it easier for them to handle, manage and slot together with ease.

Rockin’ Robots comes with 50 pieces and states that it can make 20 models. I love how Kid K’Nex is has more of a free play format, giving children the option to follow the instructions (if they are able to) or to make their very own creations.

10-in-1 Building Set

10-in-1 Building Set is made from the core K’nex pieces which are much smaller than the Kid K’Nex pieces. In the 10-in-1 Building set, there are 130 pieces made up of a variety of rods and connecting pieces.

It comes with an instruction sheet with 10 step by step models to build. The instructions are in colour and easy to follow.

Suitable for children aged 5+ the 10-in-1 Building Set is a little fiddly for little fingers, but again I love the option for children to be able to choose to follow the instructions and build a step by step model to produce an end product. But I also love that they can use the core K’Nex pieces to go ‘freestyle’ and make up their own models.

Battle Bow

The Battle Bow is a set made up of 165 core K’Nex pieces. The difference of this set is that it is suitable for children aged 8+ and the set has a purpose to be built. Following the instruction manual, there is the option to make 4 different models, 3 different types of weapons and a target. Included in the set are foam bullets.

As a parent, I love how the Battle Bow can and has provide hours of fun. From building to using it for target practise.

K’Nex is definitely a great example of STEM toys at it’s best.

Did you play with K’Nex when you were younger or do your children like to play with them now?


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