7 Family Friendly Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween

It’s nearly Halloween, Some parent’s may not like the thought of sending their children out to knock on strangers doors to receive sweets and treats. 

I personally love Halloween, and I don’t mind taking my children trick or treating. I do have a post about keeping your children safe while trick or treating

But if your mind is set against taking your children trick or treating but still want to celebrate Halloween, I have come up with 7 Family Friendly Ways To Celebrate Halloween.

7 family fun ways to celebrate halloween

Dress up

If you are going to celebrate Halloween then your kids will no doubt want to dress up. Let them put on their outfit, paint their faces, and take some photos. Why not paint your own face too, or let the kids do it for a bit of a laugh?

You could even join in with them, i’ve found some Halloween themed clothes at ASOS and George at ASDA

halloween costumes dress up

Party with friends

Get a few of their friends round after school or the weekend before Halloween, making sure everyone comes dressed up. Adults too!

Decorate the house, lay on some spooky party food, play some games, and a maybe organise a treat hunt before their friends go home.

If you don’t fancy having company, you could do this as a family too.

Halloween crafts

Some Halloween crafts after school are a fun way to get the kids in the spooky spirit. One of my favourite places to buy Arts and Craft resources is Baker Ross They have every occasion covered and they’re reasonably priced! 

Pinterest has tons of amazing ideas to try. Including my Pinterest boards.

Pumpkin Carving

This is a firm favourite activity in our house! It’s so much fun, but it can get quite messy. Grab yourself a pumpkin from your local supermarket or you could go and visit a local Pick Your Own Pumpkin Farm. Have a challenge to see who can carve the best pumpkin. If you have little ones, try paining and decorating pumpkins. 

pumpkin carving halloween

Movie night

For a quiet chilled night, you can light your pumpkins, sit in your Halloween outfits with some treats and watch a ‘spooky film’.  There are loads of great family-friendly Halloween themed films you can watch together. Why not try NOW TV or Amazon Prime. Get a 30 day FREE trial by clicking the banner below. 

Attend a local event

Keep an eye out for events local to you. Facebook Events is a great way to find out what’s going on in your local area.

Spooky stories

A nice way to end your Halloween night is with a spooky bedtime story. It doesn’t have to be scary though, there are some fab books that fit in with a Halloween theme. Check out my list of our favourite Halloween books.

halloween movie

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Will you be heading out Trick or Treating, or will you be staying indoors? Let me know in the comments below

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