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Fingerlings Untamed Dragons Review :: #AD

caelan holding fingerlings untamed dragon upside down

If you’re a parent of a child aged 5 plus, I’m sure you will have heard of the sort after toy known as Fingerlings!

If not, where have you been? Over the years Fingerlings have launched monkeys, unicorns, baby dragons and narwhals.

Now Fingerlings have launched an Untamed range!

Fingerlings Untamed Dragons are a fierce and unpredictable bunch! They know friends vs. foes and react with special SFX and visual cues depending on how you play. 

Each Dragon is equipped with a uniquely coloured LED light in their jaws. Make them mad to see it flicker to life and burn bright! Tame them and they’ll lose their angry glow!

Each dragon has its own way of showing their affection—and their anger!

On first impressions, the Untamed Dragons aren’t as ‘cute’ as Fingerlings past Fingerlings series. These little dudes look fierce! They look dark and angry. You know, more dungeons and dragons than cute with big puppy dog eyes.

My boys adore Fingerlings so I knew that this was going to be a big hit in my house among Cohen 4, Caelan 6 and Mckenzie 8.

They love toys that involves dinosaurs and monsters.

One thing I love about the Untamed Fingerlings is that they are very responsive and very simple to use. Perfect for kids that don’t like to mess around or get bored when they don’t get the outcome they want.

With sensors in the Untamed Dragons head, it reacts with motion, sound and touch. You can activate these by doing things such as rubbing their nose, back of the head and turning them upside down. You can also rock them to sleep.

They’re just like a little pet.

They’re also perfect for kids who struggle to self regulate. As they make you stop and gently soothe the Untamed Dragon.

These definitely went down a treat here, with my boys including the Untamed Dragon Fingerling in their imaginative play!

Untamed Dragon Fingerlings are available from all good toy stores including Smyths, Argos and The Entertainer.

Also available from Amazon

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*We received an Untamed Dragon and Untamed Mad Lab Minis to review in exchange for an honest review.

*This post contains affiliate links if you purchase anything through them I may receive a small fee 

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