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Flawless Bathroom Flooring

Flawless Bathroom Flooring

The technology of luxury vinyl flooring just keeps getting better. Flooring installations no longer take weeks or months to complete, nor do they only look amazing for the first few weeks after. 

Bathroom designers around the globe are now choosing luxury vinyl bathroom flooring for complete durability and style freedom. Intrigued yet? We thought so. Read more about the benefits below…

Simple installation

Vinyl flooring doesn’t require any particular physical skill or talent to install. You get the option of the click or glue down methods which are not only mess free but take only hours or days to complete.

The glue down method is great for those of you on a tighter budget, only a sub-flooring is required below to ensure you aren’t gluing straight onto the foundations of your floor and to make replacements easier much later down the line.

Click-in planks and tiles mean no mess from glue or cutting and can be replaced individually should any damage occur.  Sound proofing from the thickness of the click planks and tiles means you get durable vinyl flooring every time. 

For rooms which are prone to taking on a lot of messy activity such as the bathroom, vinyl flooring can make your lifestyle much easier to manage. 

Unique designs

The key to making a house a home is making your design scheme unique and equipped to work with your lifestyle. 

Whether you want to achieve a cool Scandinavian look, or a warm English cottage feel, vinyl flooring has the right flooring for you. The choices vary from stone and wood effects, to bold block colours and washed-out pastels.

These colours and textures are so diverse, they can work in any space and you will see how they bring your space together once you add the necessary aesthetics and furniture.

Moisture resistance 

Just because you use one room more frequently than others, doesn’t mean that the room at risk needs to show it. 

Vinyl flooring is the perfect flooring for your bathroom because it uses anti-slip, Scratch Guard and moisture resistance technology, which protects your feet and your flooring from damage. Accidents or mess are likely to occur in the bathroom, but that can all be forgotten after a simple mopping or wipe with a dry cloth. 

Keep yourself cosy 

Don’t you hate the feeling of stepping out of a nice relaxing bath, feeling calm and soothed and then your foot hits the cold tiles and it completely erases all that you achieved from your soak?

Well, with vinyl flooring you could be stepping onto flooring which can withstand the warmth of your underfloor heating. No warping or need for bathmats and laying down towels.

Ultimately, because of the cost, installation, and style efficiency, vinyl flooring has become a household material which has only improved over time. It is designed to work to make it easier to have your dream home without the worry it will be ruined from simple water spills or breakages. 

Opt for a flooring that benefits your home and your purse strings. Amtico have a selection of gorgeous vinyl flooring ranges. Amtico Signature Woods, Form and even Abstract will do more for your home than the average flooring. Luvanto is perfect for those experienced home designers who want to experiment with design patterns. Their Endure Pro, Parquet and border patterns offer free reign over your design scheme.

You are guaranteed warmth, value for money and unique designs with luxury vinyl flooring for your bathroom.

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