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Fun and Educational Summer Craft Activities for Young Children

Fun and Educational Summer Craft Activities for Young Children

Summer is once again upon us. Children can now enjoy the outdoors without having to be concerned about inclement weather and in the same respect, this is a greater opportunity for parents to offer up a handful of fun craft activities. What are some interesting suggestions to consider? If you have been brainstorming to no avail, the tips highlighted below should come in handy. 

Make a Milk Carton Birdhouse

This classic activity has been enjoyed by children for decades. Not only are milk carton birdhouses easy to make, but they can be decorated in countless different ways. So, feel free to let your child’s imagination run free. 

Seashell Magnets

This next idea has been suggested by the team at Good Housekeeping and it is a great option if you are planning a trip to the beach. During your visit, encourage your child to collect a few handfuls of seashells. These shells can then be turned into refrigerator magnets in no time at all. The child may likewise choose to decorate the shells in his or her favourite style. 

Washable Sidewalk Chalk Images

Are you looking to bring out the artist in your child? If so, the use of washable sidewalk chalk is a fun and innovative idea. This is a non-toxic material and it can be cleaned away with nothing more than a bucket of water. 

Create Fragrant Rainbow Bubbles

Every child loves blowing bubbles in the back garden. Thankfully, you can add another sensory experience with the help of essential oils. Simply place a few drops of this oil into a common bubble-making solution. It is even possible to use different scents for different hues (such as strawberry for red bubbles and banana for yellow bubbles). 

Make a Homemade Terrarium

It is always important for children to learn about the nature that is found in their own back gardens. This is why it could be fun to create a terrarium with your little one. He or she can then collect objects from the garden in order to create an organic environment that can be viewed even when the weather outside is not agreeable. 

Juice Box Boat Races

If you have an outdoor pool, this water can be transformed into an exciting competitive arena by creating a handful of juice box boats. You can also invite other children over to play and observe how your little one interacts with his or her peers. Be sure to check out Tiny Tracker EYFS tracking solutions to learn more about how this type of insight can provide invaluable feedback. 

Not only will these craft activities teach your child valuable skills, but they are a great deal of fun for the entire family. Of course, make it a point to perform additional online research in order to discover even more useful tips and tricks. Children who learn to engage their minds through hands-on activities will soon appreciate all that this amazing world has to offer. 

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