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Have A Fun-Filled Family Games Night With SpinMaster :: AD

Have A Fun-Filled Family Games Night With SpinMaster :: AD

One thing we love to do together as a family is to have a family games night. Family games nights are always loads of fun. Filled with laughter and obviously the odd set of tears from when someone is a sore loser. But, it’s just the way it goes. You can read about the importance of family games night HERE

I love how our family games nights bring myself, my husband and boys, together. We are fortunate enough to own quite a few games already. But SpinMaster has sent us 3 fantastic games that are suitable for different age groups to allow us to have a great excuse for a family game night!

Family Games From SpinMaster

We have been fortunate to receive an awesome bundle of games from SpinMaster. The games we received were Grouch Couch (suitable from 5+), Beat the Parents (suitable from 6+) and Hedbanz (suitable from 7+). 

Grouch Couch

We all know what it’s like to lose something down the back of the sofa, right? You know, as if the sofa has gobbled up your belongings. Could be the TV remote, spare change, bricks of lego and even the odd piece of popcorn. Then when the ‘lost object’ is long forgotten, the sofa seems to spit it back out at you.

Well, this is the concept that Grouch Couch takes.

Take turns feeding Grouch Couch all kinds of tasty treats. Then press the remote-control and see what happens. He might grumble, chomp, burp and (hopefully) eat your treats! When he does, he’ll spit out Lost Goodies. You’ll want to collect these because the player with the most Lost Goodies when Grouch Couch plays his victory song, wins!

It’s really that simple. Roll the die, place on the tasty treats and press the remote to see if you’re in luck to be rewarded with a lost goody!

My boys seemed to really enjoy Grouch Couch. They could play independently, which was great, so I could get some jobs done. It promotes turn taking, counting, patience and exchanging goodies with other players. All great communication and social skills.


Hedbanz is the fast-paced, easy to play question game of “What am I?” Ask “yes” or “no” questions before time runs out to figure out if the cartoon card on your headband is an animal, food or object. Earn 3 scoring badges to win!

There an added extra way to enhance the game, by downloading the Free app which captures the player with wacky face filters and turn your friends/family into a dog, cake, beaver, etc! 

I have to admit, we had an absolute hoot playing Headbandz. The questions that get asked when under pressure can be hilarious!

Beat The Parents

Now if you and your children have a competitive streak, then this is the game for you! Kids Go Head-To-Head Against Parents in this fun-filled family trivia game.

What I love about Beat The Parents is that the rules are really simple meaning that you can just get straight into it and start playing. Plus you can involve all members of the family! Bonus!

There’s no surprise that my boys beat me and my husband, I’m positive that they cheated! Not that i’m a sore loser or anything!

For more games from SpinMaster why not visit their store on Amazon HERE

Do You Have Family Games Nights? If So What Games Do You Like To Play?


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