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Five Simple Gardening Tips For Beginners


Your family deserves a beautiful garden space, there are so many ways to enjoy a garden whether it’s playing games with your children or entertaining friends. If your garden looks a little neglected, the likelihood is you won’t use it very much. To help you create a lovely space, follow these simple steps.

1 . Create healthy compost

If you’re looking to grow a healthy garden you should think about creating your own compost pile. There are many benefits to creating a compost pile for your garden, you’ll enrich your soil and remove the need for chemical fertilizers. To make a healthy pile of compost you’ll need to use both carbon-rich and nitrogen-rich materials. You should aim to use roughly equal parts of each. It’s important to turn your compost regularly and protect your compost pile from the rain.

Once you’ve made the perfect compost pile you can improve the quality of your soil and grow some nutritious vegetables. To help you grow some tasty veggies, try using apps like ‘When To Plant’ and ‘Grow Planner’.

2. Plant some new flowers

Want to give your garden a zest of new life? What you need are some beautiful new flowers. It’s incredibly frustrating when you plant new flowers and then pests start eating them! To avoid this problem, these flowers repel pests naturally:

Marigolds: These are beautiful flowers and a great pest repellent. Marigolds are useful to repel aphids, mosquitoes, and even rabbits. 

Lavender: Add a splash of color to your garden with some bright lavender flowers. Bugs just hate the scent of lavender, and will stay well away!

3. Tidy up your lawn

One of the easiest ways to improve your garden space is to tidy up your lawn. There are many ways that you can do this, including:

  • Rake your lawn to get rid of moss, fungi, dead grass, and debris. Raking your lawn is also important to improve drainage.
  • Use grass seeds on a sparse lawn and water it frequently.
  • Feed your lawn with a natural fertilizer.
  • Mow your lawn regularly, this will help the grass to get thicker.
  • Want to change the shape of your lawn? Consider working with a landscape gardener.

4. Add garden accessories

To improve the look and feel of your garden, you’ll need a few garden accessories. There are plenty of different accessories, whether you’re looking for ornaments, lightning, water features, or cushions. When you’re choosing your garden accessories try to stick to a set colour scheme.

5. Key maintenance issues

Neglecting your maintenance issues can leave your garden looking rather shabby. Ensure that you repair any cracked paving stones or decking. Clean your fences and then apply a paint or a fence stain. While you’re improving your garden, consider any other outdoor areas of home that might require maintenance. If you have rainwater tank problems you’ll need to contact a water pump technician. 

With a few easy adjustments, you’ll create the perfect family garden to enjoy. You might even want to get your children to help with the gardening!

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