Half Term Fun With So Bomb DIY

‘Bath bomb, Bath bomb’,

*sang in tune to ‘Sex Bomb’

I don’t know about you, but in this house, we love a bath bomb. Watching the fizz and colour explosion followed by the aroma that comes from them. It’s so satisfying and relaxing!

My boys love bath bombs. Bath bombs are only for girls, right?

We were asked to review So Bomb DIY Vanity Case.

So Bomb DIY Vanity case comes with everything you and your kids need to create bright and colourful, deliciously scented bath bombs in your own home!

  • Plastic moulds
  • pack of sprinkles
  • surprises to hide in the bath bombs
  • packets of multicoloured, scented powders.

I was pretty impressed at how simple the instructions were to follow. The only thing you have to add is water…in small amounts.

Place the mixture into the moulds and let them set.

We found it pretty tricky to close the moulds once full, but it didn’t spoil anything.

Once set, the So Bomb DIY bath bombs turned out pretty good. Then we took the fizz test!

They fizzed and bubbled in the bath as expected.

We would certainly recommend So Bomb DIY for anyone that loves being creative and loves bath bombs!

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*I received this product in exchange for a review

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