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Happy 18th Birthday To My Eldest Son

18th birthday balloon

Today, 9th November 2020 marks the 18th Birthday to my eldest Son Cameron. How I’ve managed to get you into adulthood is beyond me! Being just 18 myself when I had you.

My perfect 7lb 1oz baby boy.

It’s been one hell of a journey!

If it wasn’t for me falling pregnant with Cameron I don’t think I’d be here today. He was my original purpose. My reason to fight anorexia and my reason to want to fight to live.

Being a young mum and a single mum for 7 years I seriously couldn’t be more proud of you! We are the ultimate Mother and Son tag team. Those times when we only had each other has taught you who is important in your life and that’s a choice I have had no influence over. You worked it out yourself. You’ve exceeded my expectations and societies expectations of a child of a single young mum. You’ve always been a high achiever. Not because I’ve pushed you, but because it’s what you want for yourself.

Academically you’ve excelled. Flying through your year 6 SATS with 6’s. Being deemed gifted and talented at secondary school. Passing your GCSEs with A*s, As and Bs. You’re now looking at universities. I know that you’re going to be capable of great things.

I believe in you.

I love the young man you have become. You’re strong-willed (stubborn 😂) you know what you want, you’re not afraid to do your own thing and have never followed the crowd. You aren’t afraid to stand your ground and set boundaries. You’ve always been on the quiet side. Enjoyed your own company, always content. As a child, I used to find you sat with your head in a book. You’ve transitioned from books to gaming and movies. Which has paved the path for your future careers.

Growing up you never gave me any reason to worry or any concern. You were a really easy teen. No trouble at all. I think I’ve had it easy with you compared to what I’m in for with your brothers. You’ve also got a heart of gold. Always there for your family. You’re an amazing big brother and role model to your younger brothers.

You were always a Nana’s boy. She used to spoil you rotten. Whatever you wanted, no matter what cost Nana would get you without question. You handled her death so well. I know that if she was here today she would’ve spoilt you rotten. If I know my mum, she will be looking out for you.

Honestly, I really can’t express how proud I am of you! I’ve got your back, always have and I will always continue to do so. I love you with all my heart. Don’t ever….you know the rest 😘 Now go and enjoy your 18th Birthday. Now starts a new chapter of adulthood.

Love you forever and always Mum xxxxxxxxx


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