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Happy Confident Me Journal Review :: AD

mckenzie happy confident me journal

One thing i’ve noticed from being a Mum of five and a childminder is that children seem to have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Expectations are put on them from an early age and with the current climate, parents are working longer unsociable hours. Leaving children with poor connections and relationships.

It makes sense why some children are low in self-esteem and confidence. Self care for children isn’t really a priority

When The Happy Confident Company asked if I wanted to review their Happy Confident Me Journal, I jump at the chance.

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Happy Confident Me Journal literally takes 5 minutes a day to do, Over a 10 week period. That is all. We have been doing this as part of our bedtime routine.

It is full of bright and vibrant graphics. Filled to the brim with empowering questions and fun activities which help children practise gratitude and growth mindset. Evidence shows that this can boost your children’s happiness, self-esteem, positive thinking, mindfulness and resilience.

All of which are pretty important life skills to have, to take into adulthood.

As a family, we have been using Happy Confident Me Journal for a couple of weeks now and I’ve already seen a positive shift in my boys’ mindsets.

My boys are able to reflect on their day. Some of the activities have helped them identify what they are grateful for each day. Identify what they like about themselves and acts of kindness they have performed and others towards them.

It’s given them a sense of pride and getting to know themselves better.

We are going to continue to use Happy Confident Me Journal to form habits that are helping my boys thrive.

I’ll also be looking into buying the Super Journal too!

Happy Confident Me Journal can be bought On Amazon

Go and check out The Happy Confident Company on their social media accounts Facebook and Instagram

How do you help your children develop a growth mindset?

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