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Encouraging Healthy Screen Time, Learning And Creativity with OSMO :: #AD


I’m always in the lookout for new learning activities and equipment for my boys and children in my care.
Activities and equipment that at going to give them skills and experiences for both now and their futures. OSMO is an amazing piece of technology that involves STEM and creative interactive learning at home or on the go. Wifi isn’t needed to get the most out of OSMO. With 13 games available to play and additional add-on and sets making the learning experience, endless.

Ok, So What Is OSMO?

OSMO is an app available for iPad‘s and Kindle Fire tablets that includes interactive and engaging learning games.

We all know that technology is the way forward with the likes of tablets and iPad’s being the devices of choice when it comes to learning. There’s no getting away from them. We need to start working with them to benefit our children. Especially as OSMO promotes learning through play!

From our experience, OSMO takes the iPad to the next level by engaging multiple senses. Visual, mental, and tactile learning and engagement.

OSMO Creative Starter Kit

We were sent an OSMO Creative Starter Kit which is suitable for 5-12 years olds. In the box is an Osmo Base for iPad, Creative Board, 4 erasable markers, Fuzzy eraser pouch, Stackable storage for each game, & 3 Game Apps: Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece which you can find in the app store.

Monster takes your children on an adventure and solve story problems with personal drawings brought to life instantly on the iPad

Newton allows children to explore early physics and problem solving skills.

Masterpiece allows children to explore their creative drawing skills.


What We Thought Of OSMO

My favourite part is the fact that my boys can interact with the activities. It’s not just about tapping the screen but there is hands-on equipment involved. Meaning that they have got to physically move pieces and focus on their fine motor skills.

I also love that OSMO isn’t just games, it is a learning experience for many ages. My youngest boys are aged 5, 7 and 9 and they all enjoyed the OSMO experience. I’d most definitely class time spent on OSMO as ‘healthy screen time’ as it is interactive and productive, as a lot of screen time isn’t.

It’s great, as my boys don’t even realise the skills they are learning through play with OSMO!

My boys loved how OSMO interacted with them. Giving positive feedback which helped to build their confidence and self-esteem. Making them more determined to complete tasks and explore more of the apps and the want to achieve.

OSMO is available from Amazon

What Are Your Thoughts About Screen Time Learning?

*This post contains affiliate links if you purchase anything through them I may receive a small fee 

*This post contains affiliate links if you purchase anything through them I may receive a small fee 

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