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5 Helpful Tips For Dealing With Coronavirus Anxiety

What is coronavirus anxiety?

Essentially, it’s a state of anxiety that has been brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. People with existing anxiety can suffer from it, but there are loads of you out there who never used to feel anxious but have suddenly become very worried and on edge during the pandemic. Amidst the multiple lockdowns and thousands of deaths, it’s easy to see how you can become anxious during such a troubling time. Even when restrictions have been lifted, your anxiety doesn’t go away. You are worried about going out and being in contact with others, to the point where you almost force yourself into a personal lockdown. 

Obviously, you want to get on with your life and you want things to be back to normal. Before the pandemic, you wouldn’t think twice about getting the train or going out with your friends for brunch. Now, you genuinely don’t feel comfortable doing these things and being out in public makes you anxious. 

This is no way to live your life – you can’t live in a constant state of fear and anxiety. Thankfully, with something like coronavirus anxiety, you know the root cause of the issue. Therefore, you can come up with solutions to help calm your symptoms and feel less worried. 

Here are some helpful tips to try out:

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Keep wearing your mask

Just because the mask-wearing rules have been lifted in some places, doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to wear one. It simply means you don’t have to put on a mask in shops or on public transport, and nobody can enforce the rule. Nevertheless, if it makes you feel less anxious and more comfortable to wear a mask, then wear one. Especially if you’re in busy public places – like on a packed train or a bus. Having a mask gives you the added protection you need to feel safe and less anxious. If it helps you get out more, then keep wearing one. 

Get the vaccinations

There’s a lot of talk about the COVID-19 vaccinations and how effective they are, if they’re safe, blah blah blah. First of all, you’re not being injected with a microchip, so stop worrying about that. Secondly, all vaccinations have side effects, it’s just your body’s way of adapting to it and making antibodies to fight the virus. Thirdly, while the vaccine doesn’t provide 100% protection from the virus, it will greatly reduce your chances of contracting it, as well as minimising the symptoms you face. 

In short, if you want to feel more comfortable and confident when going outside, get the vaccinations. Two are required for maximum protection, and you can book yourself in at places near you. It’s a good idea to look at sites like CBD Medical as it provides information on eligibility based on your age and any underlying medical conditions you have. If you’re eligible for the vaccine, there’s no reason not to get it. It can help with your anxiety as you feel a lot safer and more protected. 

Avoid looking at social media or certain news outlets

A huge reason many of us suffer from coronavirus anxiety is that there are so many awful stories out there. Not only that, but you hear so many things from so many different sources, often making things seem incredibly bad. Even something as simple as seeing the latest figures for cases and deaths can spark anxiety in you. However, if you actually look at what the experts are saying, the numbers don’t matter too much in the overall context of things right now. There may be rising cases, but hospital beds aren’t filling up, so it shows people are getting the virus and dealing with it a lot better. The hope is that this continues until we see COVID in the same way we see the flu – it might never go away, but it’s something we can get vaccines for and deal with without major health issues. 

That is the dream, or there’s the possibility of herd immunity. Regardless, you can avoid a lot of stress and anxiety by just avoiding certain news outlets and stories relating to coronavirus. Also, don’t go on social media and look up anything COVID-related, you will just see loads of scaremongering and misinformation. 

Keep yourself fit

It’s proven that fit and healthy people have a much better chance of avoiding coronavirus or having barely any symptoms and getting over the virus quickly. This is because a healthy body has an excellent immune system that can fight the virus and kick its butt. 

As such, you should focus on keeping yourself fit and healthy. Exercise regularly, eat good foods, and you will be in excellent shape. This can aid your anxiety as you feel more confident that your body is capable of a) blocking the virus, or b) fighting it off with minor symptoms. 

Stick to the facts

Finally, you can ease a lot of your worries if you stick to the facts. This relates to the earlier tip on avoiding certain news outlets, but the idea is that you only trust legitimate sources. Get your facts and information from places and experts that know what they’re saying. Does a politician have a clue about viruses and pandemics? No, but they do have a good idea of how to push certain thoughts across to get one up on the opposition. Don’t listen to a word those people say; listen to epidemiologists and scientists that actually understand viruses and how they work. Once you deal with the facts, you realise that you don’t need to be overly anxious and there are always steps to protect yourself. 

The main thing to know is that coronavirus anxiety is very real and you’re not alone in suffering from it. However, you also understand why you are feeling anxious – it’s thanks to this raging pandemic and the virus. Once you accept that, you can try different things to ease your worries and feel a lot safer, making your anxiety decrease. 

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