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Helping Your Child Find Their Passion

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Following your passion brings so much joy to life. Whether it’s a career or a

cherished hobby, pursuing something you truly care about provides a sense of

purpose and accomplishment. To help your child uncover their passion, an

independent school in West Sussex has shared the following advice.

Help Them Explore

The easiest way to help your child find their passion is to introduce them to a variety

of different activities and experiences. If your child follows the same routine week in,

week out, they won’t get the chance to sample the different flavors of life and find

something that sparks their interest. Sports teams, dance classes, community

projects, the broader the spectrum the better. This will help them filter out the things

that don’t appeal to them and may introduce them to something they truly love.

Follow Their Skills and Interests

By the time your child is a toddler, they will be showing the subtle traits that make up

their unique personality. Children are pretty unwilling to do things that they find

difficult or boring, and will naturally gravitate towards activities they enjoy. Are they

outside looking for bugs in the rose bush? Have they turned your living room wall

into a felt-tip pen mural? Do they want you to sit and watch them perform their

rendition of the Frozen soundtrack for the fourth time this week? Tuning into and

nurturing the area your child seems to show natural flair will help to unearth their

passion and nurture their individuality.

Don’t Push Them

It’s important to remember that their passion will be personal to them. You may have

dreams of your child sharing your love of antique coin collecting, or you might

fantasize about them carrying out your lifelong dream of being an international

recording artist, but keep in mind that it is about their passion, not yours. Pressuring

a child to do something they don’t particularly want to do could take away their

opportunity to find something they truly love. They are unlikely to want to put time

and effort into it and may feel like they are letting you down if they decide to quit.

Their passion must come from within, and it’s your job to help them discover it.

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