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Helping Your Child Get Organised For School

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Good organisational skills are vital for any child if their educational journey is to be a success.  Some of us are natural organisers whilst others need a bit of extra help! However, anyone can hone the skills needed to be someone who has it all together – it’s just a matter of trying.


List keeping is a great habit – to-do lists are a brilliant way to keep track of everything that needs to be done. Provide your child with a whiteboard or a notebook so that they can start their own to-do list and tick off jobs as they’re completed.

Encourage them to have separate lists for school and hobbies or home life.

Helping your child learn to prioritise

Children aren’t usually born with this skill. It’s something that most struggle with even into their teens. Discuss with your child why some tasks are more important than others. Remind them to continually think about this as they go about their homework. 

This is where a homework timetable comes in handy! They can see what’s due to be handed in and when. This way prioritizing becomes simple.

Teachers at this prep school in Cambridge ensure an open dialogue between staff and parents so that pupils can be fully supported in their organization of homework and school work.

Keeping things neat

Neatness comes before organization. Without a tidy workspace, it’s almost impossible to really get organized. Help your child to be tidy by providing them with a place for everything – clutter should be kept to a minimum and containers used so that disk space is always clear.

Start these habits when your child is still small and they will stick. The simple routine of getting home from school, putting shoes and coat away and then getting changed, before checking the schoolbag is a great way to make sure that homework assignments are kept on top of and that gym kits are never lost!

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