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Helping Your Child Prepare for School Exams

schoolchild solving elementary science test

Whether your child is at primary school or secondary school, test and exams can be a stressful time for students. This is often due to the revision needed leading up to exams and then the wait to get the results once they are over.

Parents often wonder how best to support their children with upcoming exams. With that in mind, here are some great tips from an independent school in Surrey

Talk about school

It is important to talk to your child regularly about school. This will help you to keep on track of what they are learning and what could come up in their exams. Also, when your child repeats the details of what they are learning in class, they will be storing this information in their memory. 

Practice together

One of the best ways to help your child prepare for exams is by practicing together. Replicating exam settings at home is a great technique for building up your child’s confidence before the big day. Ask your child questions that they might find in their exams, or use these questions in a written practice test. Make a note of any questions that your child found difficult and focus on those areas in your next revision session.

Make a study area

Create a quiet study space for your child at home. You could also encourage them to make a study schedule to display in their new workspace. This will help to make their revision more manageable and will also improve your child’s organisation skills. If your child needs a push to get started, you could sit with them and help them to revise by asking them questions from their school books.

Show your support

Remember to teach your child that although exams are important, they do not define them. No matter what results they get, trying their best is all that matters. Putting too much pressure on your child to achieve certain results can have a negative effect on their academic performance and cause anxiety.

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  1. December 26, 2020 / 5:17 am

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  4. October 14, 2021 / 7:34 am

    Thanks for these great tips for preparing for school exams, my daughter is in Grade 4 and writing exams for the first time. It can be so stressful for both of us. One thing I still have to do is make her a dedicated study area in a quiet area in our home so she can focus better, hopefully somewhere where her brother won’t be tempted to distract her all the time. My daughter struggles with anxiety so I am 100% with you on your tip not to put too much pressure on her. The third term was brutal with so many things on and disruptions due to the pandemic with the school closing for a week followed by us having to isolate straight after for 10 days due to coming into contact with someone that tested positive. Her exams were right after all that so I told her just to do her best and not worry. Thankfully she did really well.

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