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Stepping Stones to a Healthier Job: 3 Holistic Career Choices

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If you are a mother who’s interested in self-development and self-improvement, a career in wellness could be for you. These days, so many of us are going self-employed, and while you may see others opening an online store or setting up some form of side hustle, there are many avenues if you are looking to work in health and wellness. So if you are considering a change of career, or you just want to see some of the options out there, here are a few choices. 

Massage Therapist

More people are trying to exercise and keep fit, which means that, if they don’t do it with the proper form they will injure themselves, which is where you could come in! You could work in sports centres or wellness centres to get yourself into the industry. If if you are interested in the massage side of things rather than physical rehabilitation, you could take one of the many massage, holistic & beauty training courses which is much less demanding than taking a course in being a personal trainer or nutritionist, however, you can provide a number of services, which will make you a far more competitive service provider.

Wellness Coach

An incredibly diverse career choice, a wellness coach is someone who coaches clients on making healthy lifestyle changes so they can live the life they want. This requires a lot of focus and addressing a number of different components of somebody’s life, for example, their diet, mental health, exercise habits etc. It is a very demanding career choice, but ultimately very rewarding. If you want to go down this avenue, you will need to have experience in some way, potentially life experience, but also recognise that being a wellness coach needs to be a part of your desire to make people’s lives better. There are a number of charities that provide jobs associated with wellness, such as family well-being officers, and this is another option, especially if you have life experience. Some areas demand that you have a qualification, but if you have had a very unique upbringing or experiences, this can serve you well in your application.


If you have an interest in health, a nutritionist has the option of working in a number of different environments, for example, health centres, gyms and hospitals. This is a very very good option if you have a vested interest in food. It’s important to remember you need sufficient qualifications. For example, you will have to get a degree in nutrition, so you need to decide if this is a worthwhile career choice. But the rewards are numerous. You can help somebody lose weight, achieve fitness goals, or show someone how nutrition can be a vital investment in their lives.

There are a number of holistic career choices out there, and with the demands of the modern world placing more pressure upon us, there is an increasing need for people to provide this service. So if you are looking to provide more help to the world, a holistic career choice could be ideal.

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